Amazing Tips For Implementing Organic SEO

google plus and seo ranking

In the last few years, there have been so much done and said about SEO. Apart from basic SEO strategies and tips there is one more important topic that requires due consideration and is called as organic SEO. Here are some of the amazing tips that can prove to be quite useful while implementing the organic SEO and online marketing.

google plus and seo ranking

Redesign your content as well as keyword strategy

  • The first and the foremost step is to make sure that you redesign your content as well as keyword strategy. You can easily compile a list of the targeted keywords and create your website’s content as per the keywords.
  • While rechecking and creating your website’s content, make sure that relevant content is created and posted. You also need to optimize the content as per the guidelines.

Creation of new sitemaps and comprehensive 301 URL redirect mapping strategy is advised

  • The next important thing to do is to create new sitemaps, both HTML and XML. An up-to-date sitemap is one of the most crucial things to follow. If there is any content that has been moved to a new URL, make sure it gets discovered by the search engine properly.
  • Creation of 301 URL redirect mapping strategy will help you to redirect the newly designed pages to a new location.
  • Apart from the above said tips, you also need to make sure that strong URLs are used. You also need to make sure that the appropriate keyword density is considered.
  • Add a relevant amount of social media icons on the web page because this will help the Google gives priority to websites which ensure dedicated socialization.

Finally, you need to make sure the root directory has a robots.txt file. This file is responsible for giving direction to the search engines.

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