Advantages Of Having Apps For Laundry Business


The digital revolution has set in and so have mobile apps made a grand impact on the e-commerce market. Many businesses have gone online on account of the huge online purchases and sales, and it is a fact that mobile bookings for products have sky-rocketed. It is only natural at this stage that home laundry services have also settled for apps to popularize their business. Launching a laundry app has allowed them to reach deeper segments of the market that not only fetches better profits, but also gives them brand recognition. In this article, you will be given information on the advantages a company specializing in online laundry service in Bangalore will gain after releasing the app.


The first advantage is that the app announces that the company is going on with the recent technological trend.

Advantage Over Competitors

There are many local competitors who carry on their business without an app. Having a website and app will add more credibility and popularity on the website. The concerned company will save money on advertisements. Apps can be easily installed by customers in their mobile. When they require the laundry services, they will not mind to give the app a try. The more number of downloads of the app, the business clientele’ is bound to rise.

The tracking tool on the app will make the customers know the location of their clothes during the laundry process life cycle. IF the process is more organized, then profits will definitely increase.

After the release of the app, the laundry company will not be restricted to one location. They can spread their business boundaries which is impossible in a physical store.

Customer Experience

In this era of fast-paced life, people are busy with their work schedules and family commitments. They are exhausted at the weekends and rarely find time to do the domestic cleaning, leave alone laundry. However, they make the best use of their smart phones to stay in touch with the news, shop for discounts, participate in online surveys etc. Mobile phones have become one of the most reliable technical gadgets to bank on, for professional and personal commitments. By providing an app for laundry services, the laundry company makes the customers’ work very easy as they do not have to physically visit the store to give clothes. They will just make the booking and your team can do pickup, clean/iron the clothes and deliver on time.

In the old method, when the customer had to give clothes to a laundry, they should make note of the various fabrics. For example, woolen coat – one etc. But in the laundry app, there are features so that the customer can enlist the type, number of clothes. Also, even if they have forgotten the details after 24 hours, the information can be retrieved.

Having a customer call center will need technical equipment and employees. But an app can assist the company to take orders from various locations.

Create a Loyal Customer Base

If the concerned company’s target audience consists of busy customers, it is evident that they have numerous commitments on their hands. They are bound to forget the laundry services. However, they will be grateful if they can receive notifications or alerts about the laundry process. For example, an app ensures that the customer receives notification about the services ordered, delivery of the clothes in progress, pick-up, and delivery time. Very easily, he/she can be changed into a loyal customer.


The massive growth of online cab services, Ola and Uber made the other business venture capitalists cash-in on the principle of providing services right at the customer doorstep via apps. When the company releases a laundry app, it has to note the target audiences are those customers who are busy and want to save time. They are not interested in going through the unnecessary hassles of going all the way to a dry cleaner in the sunny hour or heavy traffic.

To sustain in the market, as a business entrepreneur, the company management should always be in tandem with the technological developments and the changing behavior of customers. At present in 2017, the time is of the apps and businesses are making the maximum use of them. But they also have a challenge. If the app is not as per the industry specifications and the customer gets a bad experience, then there are chances he/she will switch over to another and may never the same again.

Few must-haves in the app –

  • Fast bookings and quick response
  • Open 24/7
  • Easy-to-use features
  • No slow downloads
  • Prices/rewards for bulk orders.

The company should ensure it seeks assistance from the top mobile professionals to design the best app to boost the business.

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