5 Technologies which will change real estate

Top Property dealers in Delhi are having a skyrocketing business because of the growth in the real estate market in the city. The growth in the market is the result of the rising demands of the brokers in and around the city. Delhi is considered as one of the most developed and progressive cities in the country and the immense growth of various industrial sectors and corporate firms are responsible for the high influx of people from all over the nation.

technologyFlourishing real estate market in the city

There is rising in the demand for residential, commercial and retail spaces. Thanks to the students, employees from different sectors and the retirees that has helped real estate reach new heights. Huge apartment complexes, retail showrooms, shopping malls, offices etc are built in the length and the breadth of the city and the property brokers in Delhi are having profitable and successful career opportunities.

Which are the 5 technologies that will transform real estate?

  1. Drones

Drones can be really useful in the real estate marketing purposes. It is beneficial especially with the capturing of the aerial shots of the houses, high rise residential buildings, offices and so on. It is helpful in not only providing a better overview of the property but of the surrounding area as well. Drone photography is completely transforming the face of the real estate.

  1. Crow funding

Crow funding is slowly and gradually gaining importance in the real estate market in India. This method is usually beneficial for the small time investors who don’t want to take risks with huge sums of money. Crow funding offers the investor with the option of pooling in a limited wealth that will eventually become the part of a huge deal. Henceforth, more numbers of investors come together and thus there is the much needed capital.

  1. Omni-Channel retailing

Omni-channel is basically the mode of seamless selling approach via all channels including the physical stores, mobile phones, internet and other forms of media. This e-commerce strategy has proved to highly beneficial for the real estate sector as the method is cost-effective and more engaging. It is often said that Omni-Channel retaining is the resolution to the burden of commercial real estate.

  1. Digital marketing and 3D visualization

The concept of digital marketing has paved a new way for the real estate sector in India. Architectural 3D visualization has proved to be the best tool or technology in the field of property marketing. The major advantage of 3D visualization is that even a layman can understand the planning of the property along with the sketches way before the construction gets completed.

  1. Big data

Big data is transforming the real estate sector completely. It is said that the big data makes the commercial real estate more transparent and helps in becoming partners to the community players like brokers, lenders, owners or investors.

With the advent of the internet and the advanced science and technologies real estate brokers and professionals are not exceptions to use them in their profession as well. They are making use of so many advanced methodologies like property lead management, social media platforms, SEO, search marketing etc to make their mark and foothold in the market.

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