Why Should You Go for Samsung 24 inch TV?

The current television market in India is competitive, and brands are introducing various products throughout the year. According to a recent report, this market is likely to reach $13.66 billion in 2021.

Modern televisions are available in various sizes, and it is ideal to choose one based on a room’s dimensions. In this regard, 24-inch is often a preferable option for many, as it offers a good balance between optimum viewing experience, and being aesthetically pleasing.

Samsung is one of the leading manufactures of 24-inch LED TV sets in India, and their collection include products that can meet any requirements that one may have.

Top 5 24-inch LED TV from Samsung

  1. Samsung 24 Inch (LT24E310AR/XL) LED HD Ready TV 

Price: Approximately Rs.11,000

Details: This television set offers a 60 Hz refresh rate, translating into a better and smoother display quality. Moreover, it has an HD-ready 1366×768 pixels resolution that provides excellent contrast and colour depth, resulting in a more engaging television experience. Along with these, 2 complimentary USB and HDMI ports also helps users to plug in various devices. The two-channel speaker system with 10 watts output also guarantees good audio quality.

  1. Samsung 24 Inch (UA24J4100AR) LED HD-Ready TV

Price: Approximately Rs.9,000

Details: Equipped with Dolby Digital Plus, this 4-series 24 inch LED TV from Samsung is popular for its excellent sound quality. The speaker produces an output of 10 watts each, with a frequency range of 50-60 Hz. Additionally, this television offers an auto volume leveller for a more optimised audio experience.

  1. Samsung 24 Inch (UA24J4100) LED HD Ready TV

Price: Approximately Rs.12,000

Details: Equipped with Samsung’s smart LED technology, this television set offers an unparalleled viewing experience. It also provides an excellent audio quality along with HDMI and USB ports as standard. However, it does not provide any smart connected features.

  1. Samsung 24 Inch (UA24H4003ARLXL) LED HD-Ready TV

Price: Approximately Rs.10,000

Details: With a refresh rate of 100 Hz, this particular TV focuses on offering an unmatched television experience. The quality and colour depth of this TV is equivalent to products that remain on the other end of the price spectrum. Moreover, Samsung’s colour enhancer plus technology has been used here, which results in more vibrant colours. On the contrary, the audio output of this device is average. This television set, however, comes with 1 HDMI and USB port each. The Samsung led TV 24 inch price also makes it a great value-for-money proposition.

  1. Samsung 24 Inch (UA24K4100AR) LED HD-Ready TV

Price: Approximately Rs.15,000

Details: One of the most balanced 24-inch LED TV sets on this list, offering a good balance between audio and video quality. With a 16:9 aspect ratio and high pixel count paired with Samsung’s HyperReal Engine, and Digital Clean View, it offers good colour contrast and depth. Additionally, it provides a total audio output of 10 watts.

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To continue the discussion on Samsung television sets, here are some reasons behind its selection –

  • Unmatched picture quality
  • Smart features
  • Innovative technology
  • Affordable pricing
  • Impressive after-sales service

To summarize, the 24 inch LED TV segment in India is vast and comprises various products. However, considering the customer-focused benefits along with quality products, it is safe to say that Samsung should be higher up the list while shopping for a TV set.

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