What are the Reasons for Samsung Being the Best Smartphone Company in India

According to a report, Samsung occupied around 24% of the smartphone market share in India during Q3 2020. It indicates the brand’s preference among Indians over other major phone manufacturers.

Multiple factors contribute to making it one of the best brands, making it acquire the largest market share in the country. Before you buy a Samsung new phone, you should know why it is considered the best smartphone manufacturing company here.

What makes Samsung phones so popular?

While countless smartphone brands operate in the market presently, none of them is as popular as the South Korean company Samsung. Here are some reasons why this is so –

1. Products for different price segments

One of the reasons for Samsung’s popularity in the smartphone market is its ability to cater to the different price points. While it releases premium handsets each year in the form of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, it launches a wide number of mid-range and budget phones as well. A customer can easily look through a range of Samsung smartphones under 10000 if needed.

2. Premium handsets feature state-of-the-art technology

Each Samsung new phone features some revolutionary technology. For instance, the Galaxy S20 Ultra features 108-megapixel rear camera, which is capable of recording videos in 8K. Therefore, phone enthusiasts often wait all year round to get their hands on these handsets upon release.

  • Impeccable quality

One can also identify a sizeable part of Samsung’s popularity in India with the quality of its smartphones. While other brands often launch subpar products, the South Korean brand’s products are synonymous with quality. Along with software, the company also focuses on creating sturdy devices. Even Samsung smartphones under 10000 are more durable when compared to other similarly priced phones from different brands.

  • Brand reputation

It would be safe to say that Samsung has earned its recognition over time which almost everyone knows and trusts. Thus, customers are always ready to buy handsets from this company. With prompt services and impressive products, Samsung has gained this reputation in India. Newer companies cannot hope to compete with its widespread brand image, establishing its authority in the market. It is also why interest surrounding a Samsung new phone launch is always greater than it is for devices from other leading brands.

How to make your Samsung handset purchase affordable?

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