Top 5 SEO Strategies That Would Add Value to Your Business in 2016

Search Engine Optimization has significantly evolved from the days when a few keywords were enough to help you rank high on the results pages. Google and other search engines have constantly updated their algorithm to prevent black hat optimizers from exploiting the search environment. They have persistently worked towards adding value to users and offering them an unbiased search experience. This has led to shift in strategies from the optimizers who want to maximize the reach and conversion for their clients. In this brief write-up we take a look at the top five SEO strategies that you should leverage in 2016.

  1. Mobile, Mobile & Mobile – The three mentions are mere reflection of the importance of mobile searches in overall search results. If mobile-friendliness added weightage to your SEO score in 2015, they would be ‘THE’ deciding factor for rankings in 2016. With the majority of the users switching over to the small screen for their browsing needs, search engines have also shifted their focus. Even if you ignore SEO for the time being, mobile friendliness is important to increase your conversion rate. Stats suggest that 70% of local searches result in a sale of product or service within 24 hours. Also keep in mind the number of Internet users on mobile devices far outnumber the desktop/laptop users.
  2. Focus on Digital Assistants – Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Now aren’t just digital assistants, they are the future of Internet browsing. As Digital Assistants rise in popularity, reaching out to newer geographies and spreading their wings across different languages and cultures, they would account for a substantial part of your search traffic. Since spoken queries tend to be long tail and quite different from typed queries, your optimization campaign would need to factor in this emerging trend. 2016 may just prove to be the starting line for digital assistants in the world of Search Engine Optimization and first movers are sure to be well rewarded.
  3. Speed Up Your Site – ‘Page Speed’ is an important ranking factor these days, and if you have a site that loads at snail’s pace no amount of optimization will yield any results. In fact Google has even allocated a specific time for its bots to crawl through a website, and if your site suffers from slower page load, there are chances that it won’t ever be completely indexed. When you hire an agency offering SEO services in Portland, make sure they test your site’s speed and resolve any bottlenecks that may be slowing down your site.
  4. Social Content Would Add Value – In the last few years social content has gained importance in search engine results, and 2016 will witness its importance scale to newer heights. In fact, close to 80% of all SEO campaigns are backed up by social media marketing. Google has already entered into a deal with Facebook and Twitter and is offering prominence to content published on these platforms. More platforms are expected to join this ecosystem in 2016, meaning posts published on social media will enable your business to rise upits overall SEO score.
  5. Video Search Is Gaining Prominence – Video searches account for substantial search volume for Google and other search engines.Smart businesses are seeing this as a great opportunity to keep their users engaged and entertained. In 2015, video searches grew by 70% and in 2016 we expect to see a two-fold growth. As a business, you need to cash in on this trend to consistently outrank your competition.


As a business you need to brace yourself and expand the marketability of your business through your website. The above-mentioned SEO strategies, when implemented seamlessly, will yield rich dividends for your business. A seasoned agency offering SEO services in Portland would be able to offer you the best out of these strategies.

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