The Best Television Package Offered by Spectrum

Charter Spectrum rolled out its Silver Package that is available in different variants, including a Spanish one. Customers can now enjoy quality television at a price like no other, along with a very reliable, high-speed internet connection as part of the plan to sustain the additional benefits of the package. And as for the Latino customers, there’s a whole Spectrum Silver package curated just for them!

What must be known, is that Spectrum Silver Packages come bearing several perks for its customers. There is a whole list of Spectrum Silver Channels that are included in plans, so is a whole library of On Demand content to select from. 

Spectrum Silver also has a TV App and a Web portal for customers who subscribe to these packages. With the Spectrum Silver TV App, watch all the On Demand content on your smartphones, tablets, and even Xbox or a Samsung Smart TV, anywhere and anytime really. No more having to sit in front of the television in the living room. As for the Spectrum Silver Web Portal, watch live television anywhere and on any internet connection, it doesn’t necessarily have to be one of Spectrum’s. 

Their customer service is quite exceptional, being available 24/7 and cater to any queries customers might have. However there is a great advantage to customers who choose to subscribe to any of the Spectrum Silver packages; and that is having termination costs covered (if any) should they choose to cancel the subscription from an old provider to switch to Spectrum. Yup, Charter Spectrum is ready to pay up to $500 if new customers have any pending termination fees of old providers. 

Here are some of the most sought-after Spectrum Silver Packages that feature all the amenities mentioned above, plus more.


Spectrum TV Silver

Retailing at a monthly price of $74.99, get up to more than 175 channels in HD quality along with a free subscription to HBO Max, with the Spectrum TV Silver package. 

All the other benefits of Spectrum Silver TV apply as well, including thousands of On Demand choices of movies and TV series.


Spectrum Double Play Silver

The Double Play Silver package is priced at $119.98 per month when bundled with 100 Mbps internet. 

It includes over 175 channels in HD, the On Demand collection, and for the internet connection, a free modem, along with the usual benefits of subscribing to any Spectrum Silver package. 


Spectrum Triple Play Silver

This particular Spectrum package includes all three services: Internet, TV, and Telephone services. 

For $129.97/mo. enjoy 175 plus channels in HD, a while library of On Demand choices, and get a free internet modem with 100 Mbps. The Spectrum Telephone in this package allows for unlimited calling minutes, local and national with 28 features of the telephone device. 

Mi Plan Latino Silver TV

This is the Spectrum plan curated for the Latino community and those who opt for a mix of English and Spanish television channels. 

For $59.99 monthly, enjoy up to 200 channels in HD, with all the popular English and Spanish channels, such as HBO, NFL Network, Galavisión, Deportes, and much more. Just like the other Silver packages, enjoy all the benefits along with additional ones with the Mi plan Latino Silver TV package.

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