Spectacular Promotional Bluetooth Speaker Innovations! A MUST READ!

Spectacular Promotional Bluetooth Speaker Innovations

Are you into music? How about promotional Bluetooth speakers? Then you should come and visit c2bpromo.com and read along because you’ll be discovering something new! Ever heard of the world’s first levitating Bluetooth speaker? How the first Bluetooth speaker that’s going to be powered by fire? Yes there is! Just read on and be amazed!
Spectacular Promotional Bluetooth Speaker Innovations
“When I met with OM Audio in Manhattan to check out what the company was calling the “levitating Bluetooth speakers,” I didn’t bat an eye. I had never myself seen a levitating speaker before that day, and a thorough internet search turned up nil. As it turns out, a Taiwanese company has been showing off a very similar (albeit non-functioning) device for months.

ASWY, based in Taipei, is here at IFA in Berlin demoing a production-ready version of its own speaker, which at this stage looks much more polished than the OM Audio prototype I saw last month. Audio quality is quite good, as well, and while a noisy trade show floor isn’t the best place to test a speaker, it sounded better than the OM model I was able to experience in a silent room.”- Zach Honig.

This product of ASWY is called as the Floating Bluetooth Speaker. It has 3 watts of output, Bluetooth 4.0 support and 5 hours of battery life. This spectacular Bluetooth speaker also allows plugging in an audio source into the 3.5mm input. It has a built-in micthus, this device can be used as a speakerphone.

Similar to the OM Audio’s version, this also needs a powered based to keep the speaker levitated in the air. It also operates untethered. The base has an integrated USB port so that the user won’t need to have a secondary adapter in charging the device. It’s expected that the speaker will be sold for $149.

Do you want to see it in action? Then you can see the demo video below for you to believe that there really is a levitating Bluetooth speaker and how it works.

Amazing Bluetooth Speaker Powered by FIRE!

Technology today is rapidly developing such as wireless portable Bluetooth speakers. Check out c2bpromo.com to see what I’m talking about. Anyway, are you interested with new inventions? There’s something that’s called PELTY and founders, Gianluca, Edoardo and Matteo from Milan (Italy), are asking for everyone’s support to give birth to their creation.

PELTY is a technological revolution which is in line with high-quality audio speakers. The catch here is that it’s the very first Bluetooth speaker that’s literally powered by fire. Yes that’s right. FIRE! This works by transforming fire or the thermal energy generated by heat into electric energy that’s needed to power the speakers. And don’t forget, it has an excellent audio quality!

Here is a summary of what it’s going to be like when the invention is finished:

– It’s going to be unique! There’s no need for a battery nor electric plug-in. Only the primitive energy of fire makes it work. This is a patented technology which is going to be used for the first time in the world for this purpose.

– It will work well! It will feature a superb audio quality! The team who is creating this wants to give you a device that will never make you regret the purchase. Ever!

– It’s going to be beautiful! It will be elegant and it is going to be designed to be functional and simple.

– It will be eco-friendly. This is simply because it’s made with natural materials such as ceramic and glass. Plus, it will work with any wax candle.

– It’s going to be hand-made. Created in Italy. Each of them, one by one! The glass and ceramic materials are going to be cooked by local Italy artesans.

This is going to be something that can change people’s perspective, especially technological inventors, when it comes to technology or specifically, Bluetooth speakers.

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