REx-PN Exam Preparation: Tips to Pass With Flying Colours

REx-PN exam preparation

As of January 2022, the REx-PN exam will replace the current CPNRE exam. The REx-PN is a new Canadian Practical Nurse test created for the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) and the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM). BCCNM and CNO have created the REx-PN in collaboration with NCSBN. 

The REx-PN exam will be available in English and French and there is no cap on the number on the number of attempts. Another good news is that just like its predecessor, the CPNRE exam, the new REx-PN exam is expected to have a high average passing percentage. 

So, while the exam is extensive, with the proper REx-PN exam preparation, there’s a high chance of success. Read on to learn about how to prepare for the REx-PN exam to pass with flying colours.  

REx-PN Exam Preparation Tips 

Here are some easy tips to make sure you stay on schedule when preparing for your REx-PN exam. 

  • Start Early & Prepare Ahead 

REx-PN is a comprehensive exam. It takes in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject to pass the exam. Therefore, make sure you don’t put things off until the last minute. While some students appear to thrive on last-minute preparation, this method of studying is not the ideal way to prepare for the REx-PN exam. 

The course is extensive, and you will have a lot to revise. It is advisable to start at least three to six months before appearing for the exam. Make a list of topics you need to cover, what you need to learn or memorize, and how many days you have left. After that, organize your study habits to suit your needs.

  • Focus on Time Management 

Time management is an essential aspect of REx-PN exam preparation. The exam is four hours long. However, there is no time limit on individual questions. In similar exams, most students take about 60 to 90 seconds to answer each question and complete the exam without rushing. However, if you spend a considerable amount of time pondering over your answers, you may struggle to complete the exam in time. 

Therefore, it is advisable to focus on your time management skills. However, make sure you don’t get too hasty. Take the time to read each question carefully before you answer. Practice with a timer and time your mock tests to make sure you finish the exam promptly on time without rushing. 

  • Use the Right REx-PN Study Resources 

Great REx-PN exam preparation begins with identifying the right REx-PN study resources. The internet is loaded with study resources, making it challenging to find the perfect study materials to prepare for the exam. The best option is to stick to the standard resources. 

Also, keep in mind that the scope of RN is very different as compared to the scope of the RPN exam. Therefore, it is best to avoid RN study material to prepare for your RPN exam. Here are some of the best options to consider, 

  • Test plans and Practice Exams  
  • REx-PN Tutorial (Expected by November 2021)
  • REx-PN Candidate Bulletin (Expected by November 2021)  

A nurse holding a stethoscope in the shape of a heart

  • Organize Study Groups 

Studying on your own can sometimes get dull. An easy way to stay in high spirits is to organize a study group with friends or acquaintances who may be preparing for the REx-PN exam. Study groups might assist you in obtaining the information you require and completing activities more quickly. 

Discuss your answers with other members of the study group. It is a great practice that will allow you to learn and remember. However, make sure that the group remains focused on the topic and is not side-tracked. The support can help you ace the exam.  

  • Take Practice Tests  

Practice makes perfect. This is especially true when it comes to exam preparation. We learn the most from our mistakes. A practise test is the perfect place to make blunders. When you make a mistake on a practise test, you’ll feel obligated to hunt for that knowledge in order to figure out why you made the error. 

It will also help you retain knowledge and remember things more easily. Taking practise tests lets you focus on the crucial aspects of nursing that are more likely to be questioned on the exam. Plus, it will give you a pretty good idea about how well you are prepared to take the exam and what areas need more practice. 

REx-PN practice tests are already available online. Spend a few minutes to find the most extensive tests, and don’t forget to time your test! 

  • Take Regular Breaks 

Preparing for the REx-PN exam can be overwhelming. While you may believe that studying for as many hours as possible is the greatest strategy, this can actually be counterproductive. You wouldn’t try to run 24 hours a day if you were training for a marathon. Similarly, taking regular breaks is beneficial to long-term memory retention.

Because everyone is different, choose a study schedule that suits you. Start early in the morning before taking a lunch break if you study best in the morning. Take a longer break earlier in the day if you’re more productive at night. 

Try to strike a healthy balance and take the time to unwind and relax during study sessions. Paying attention to your wellbeing will only improve your overall productivity and performance in the long run. Meditation, yoga, other relaxing activities that refresh the mind can be particularly helpful.  

The Bottom Line 

Taking the REx-PN exam can be an exciting and life-changing experience. It can set you on a path to a successful career in the healthcare sector. However, clearing the exam boils down to your level of preparation. So, start early and study hard. 

Also, keep in mind that we all work differently, and exam preparation is no exception. So, try different study tips and tricks to discover the best methods for you and learn how to prepare effectively. In the meanwhile, these pointers can help you get started with your REx-PN preparation.

Best of luck!

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