Life goals – Long term vs short term

What type of goals generally people do have?

A life without an aim is just like wandering in the forest without knowing where to go. If you do not have goals in your life you will not realize where your life is heading to! It may not bother initially but there comes a stage in life when the lack of goals leads to disappointment and depression. It is always better to have goals in life.

What type of goals generally people do have?

What type of goals generally people do have?

There are various types of goals that people set for their lifetime. However broadly we can categorize these Life goals into 2 types-

  • Long term goals
  • Short term goals

If you are looking forward to own some goals for your life then let us explain these 2 type of goals to you. Achieving the goals in life gives you satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment too.

Long term goals:

These are the goals that are meant to be served for a long period of time. This time period can be long enough for 5 years, 10 years to a life time. These long term life goals give shape and direction to our lives. Our future and its course is decided by the goals that we put forth.

For example after completion of graduation you may aim for some career like- reaching the middle level management position in next 5 years

Or saving x amount of money for child education or retirement etc.

These goals are like the guidance to your un-aware self that keep you motivated to work in a particular direction. They do not let you fall to unwanted depression, low self esteem or small failures in life as you would always know what you are aiming at!

Life goals

Short term goals:

These goals are meant for deciding your course of actions in near future such as within a week, a month, a year or two! These short term life goals are like small milestones that help you in reaching your long term goals step by step. Sometime the short term goals may also differ from the path of your long term goals but they are accomplished soon and then you can always set new short term goals to lead you to your aim.

For example- succeeding in a competitive exam, buying a new gadget for home, completing the unfinished project, achieving desired fitness etc. are a few types of short term goals that we always have on our minds. There are times that we have more than 1 type of short term goals on our mind. Such as you may aim to lose 2 kg of weight as well as finish the reading of your favourite book in 1 month! Similarly- you may aim to save enough for the upcoming iPhone model in next six months as well plan to modify your kitchen garden at the same time.

The short term and long term goals give us the sense of achievement and keep boosting up our morale for better. We should always set appropriate life goals for leading a happy and successful life.

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