Is your house prone to basement flooding?

As the weather changes, basements become prone to flooding. There are ways you can prevent it but find out the causes first through reading this article.

Causes of flooding in the basement.

Home Location

If an area generally floods, then your basement flooding risk increases. Another cause is the foundation where your house is built individually. There may be a water table below, or the drainage system is poor.

When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? Gutters can build up with leaves, twigs, and nests. When there is a downpour, water will not flow as usual but will come down the external walls and finally find a way down the basement.

The main sewer pipe from your house to the surrounding area may be blocked by debris, grease, and paper. Roots that have encroached may cause the pipe to collapse and get damaged. The main sewer may also get clogged, resulting in a sewer backup into your home. However, this backup back to your house may be avoided if you install a backwater valve according to same day trades.

Inefficient Sump Pump

If you do not maintain and regularly test your sump pump, it may disappoint you when you need it most. Have a schedule for cleaning it. For example, if you use the pump for water from the washing machine, clean it monthly. If not, clean the inlet after three months. Schedule to have a general cleaning of the pit and pump once a year.

Preventing Your Basement From Flooding

If you have a sump pump, great! Now have it serviced regularly by a plumber in Perth to make sure it operates correctly and is ready for any emergencies.

However, if you don’t, consider installing one immediately. The pump will be located in the basement, inclusive of a sump pit for holding water. It works when triggered by rising water from a heavy downpour or melted ice by pumping the water out. The water goes through a pipe that empties away from the foundation of your home. It also comes with a battery for backup in case of a power outage.

Have a Backwater Valve

Sewer flows in one way, from your home to the city’s central sewer system. If there is a blockage in the town’s sewer system, sewerage may flow back into your home if you have not installed a backwater valve. To save yourself and your home from such a disgusting mess, have a valve installed and make sure to have it serviced regularly. Regular maintenance by same day trades will save you in case of any emergencies in the future.

Heater Leakages

One cause that can be prevented is leakage from the heater. Always have scheduled maintenance of your heater. Look for any leakages, unfamiliar noises, discolored water, and rust. Call for professional assistance from same day trades if you get any of these signs.

Regularly clean gutters

Gutters and downspouts are meant to channel water from downpours and snowmelt away from the foundation of your home. Always make sure they are cleaned three to four times a year to ensure they do their job efficiently. The spouts should be at an angle that enables them to discharge water for a distance of three meters away from the foundation of your home.

Have an efficient sump pump, clean your gutters, maintain your heater, and you can prevent your house from flooding in the basement.

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