9 Garden Wall Decor Ideas

Garden Wall Decor Ideas

Who says that your garden wall has to be a boring row of bricks? Garden walls are a blank canvas that can be used to add a stunning feature to your outdoor space.

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to transform your exterior walls, you have come to the right place. We have prepared our top ten ideas to give you some inspiration.

So without further ado, get your DIY skills on and let’s make your garden walls stand out!

1. Update Your Boring Wall With a Fresh Lick of Paint

The easiest and most cost effective way to give your boring garden wall a new look is a fresh coat of paint. Feature walls are a massive trend in interior design, so why not make it one outdoors as well?

Choose a colour to match the palette of your outdoor furniture and decorations for a harmonious look. Or go bold and select a bright shade that will contrast with the surrounding greenery.

If you’re after a dramatic effect, you can use a dark grey or even black. This colour scheme would not only make the green of your plants pop-out but would also create a sleek, modern look.

2. Include a Viewing Window

Anyone blessed with a garden overlooking the picturesque countryside should consider incorporating a viewing window into their garden walls.

Known as clairvoyees, viewing windows can give your garden a fairytale feel, offering a glimpse of the area beyond your garden.

If you’re thinking of incorporating a viewing window into your garden wall, consider framing it by planting beautiful wildflowers and climbing bushes such as roses in front of it. This will create a stunning accent in your garden.

3. Add Ornamental Wall Panels

Whether you want to brighten up your boring wall or disguise the less appealing surface underneath, sculptured panels are the perfect solution.

You can get stunning ornamental laser-cut panels made from wood, bronze or other materials that can add an eye-catching detail in your outdoor space. The beauty of wall panels is you can use only one of them if you want to add a feature accent, or you can also place a few in a row to create a whole feature wall.

4. Build Lower Brick Walls to Add a Rustic Feel

If you don’t want to block too much of the surrounding scenery but still seek a sense of privacy in your garden, you can build a lower brick wall. That solution will expose more of the views beyond your yard, while still giving you the solitude you need.

Not to mention, brick walls can look extremely attractive and add the perfect rustic touch to your garden. For an even more rural feel you should consider using mismatched reclaimed bricks to build your wall.

5. Use White Walls for a Mediterranean Vibe

You want to feel like you’re on holiday every time you sit in your garden? Bring the Mediterranean vibe of Santorini into your home with a clean-lined white garden wall.

To add to the Mediterranean garden feel you can also plant big white rose bushes, jasmine and lavender by your wall. Just keep in mind that there is a lot of maintenance that comes with choosing white for a garden wall colour as your fence will need the occasional clean and repainting to keep its crisp look.

6. Make a Garden Gallery Wall With Plants

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your planting, then you can start by creating a gallery wall in your garden. This is a fantastic way to not only enhance the look of your garden wall, but also to display some of your favourite plants.

You can have as much creativity as you want with your gallery wall. Use a variety of hanging planters, wire baskets or old jars and tins arranged at different heights. To make it truly look like a gallery, get some old picture frames and use them to frame some of the more interesting plants on your wall.

7. Create a Boho Look With Glazed Tiles

Who says glazed tiles are only to be used in the bathroom? Using brightly coloured glazed tiles is a great garden wall decor idea if you want to create a boho feel in your outdoor space.

For a modern look, choose bigger rectangular tiles in subtle variations of the same tone. Alternatively, if you want to achieve a unique look you can search for triangular, hexagonal or even lozenge shaped tiles and create patterns using different colours.

8. Hang an Outdoor Mirror

An outdoor mirror is a quick and easy way to brighten up your basic wall. This is also a clever visual trick that can help your garden feel bigger.

Position your mirror so it reflects foliage from your plants rather than a wall if you want to create the illusion of a fake viewing window. Also don’t position your mirror in direct sunlight as the strong reflected sunlight can be a potential hazard.

9. Paint a Colourful Mural

A full mural can seem like a bold choice but a beautiful artwork can help your eyesore of a wall blend with the surroundings.

The secret is to take inspiration from the scenery surrounding your garden to help blur the lines between your outdoor space and what is beyond. It can be a beautiful sky, rows of trees or rolling hills. The trick is to capture the scenery in shapes and colours, avoiding making it too detailed.

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