Is Programmatic Advertising the iRobot of Advertising?

programmatic advertising

It is no news that technology has been taking over businesses in every field. Be it menial labor or complex decisions, automation is simplifying lives for professionals. In this digital era, advertising & marketing is probably the sector most vigorously propelled by technological innovation. And the latest game changer in the ad tech (advertising technology) industry is programmatic advertising.

programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising for the layman

Programming advertising and ad buying is the usage of software and technology for functions including buying, placement, and optimization with features like artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB). Such usage eliminates human elements like undesired and lingering interactions and negotiations. Instead, automated systems are used to buy and sell advertisements through electronically-targeted media inventories. The technology makes ad ops (ad operations) a highly efficient and hassle-free process.

Programmatic advertising supports digital channels like social media and online display ads, mobile and video campaigns, as well as traditional channels like television advertising.


Why is programmatic advertising and ad buying anticipated to be the next big thing in marketing and advertising?

There is no doubt that technology is ideal for the customer-centric data-driven digital ecosystem. The future of programmatic advertising seems promising as it is heavily influencing today’s global market.

It lends quick, cheap, transparent, and round-the-clock ad ops to suffice marketing and advertising needs. Business executives are more satisfied with the transparent functions carried out by programmatic advertising than with the jargons and unreliable promises made by sales representatives and ad ops managers. Besides that, the technology helps you scale business and costs, in a very simple and convenient manner.

The power of data is that it can be converted to generate responsive, actionable, and efficient results with programmatic advertising. The platform is capable of finding consumers and segmenting them based on a number of parameters like demography, behaviors, interests, geographies, gadgets used and more. It enables marketers to identify lucrative markets and channelize their efforts in the right directions.

Basically, programmatic advertising enables intelligent ad selection, based on user profiles and preferences, real-time feeds, as well as big data that enhances the opportunity to create targeted ads and connect with customers. Furthermore, integrating the platform with CRM (customer relationship management) applications takes businesses to the next level.


When so much is automated, and advertisers are pushing performance optimization, data use, operational efficiencies, and ROI improvement, programmatic advertising and ad buying emerges as the perfect solution. Although trends suggest that the technology is futuristic, only time can tell if programmatic advertising is the iRobot, or programmers have something even better waiting for us.


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Preethi vagadia is a marketing manager worked in marketing department with top notch companies and has over 8 years of experience in content management solution,Advertising Technology,ad server software. Sports,content writing and music are her hobbies.

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