How Much Does Website Design Australia Cost?

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When choosing web design Australia, the first question that pops into your mind is: “How much will it cost?” Determining the cost of a website is not easy as it seems. It is a question that really has no definite answer.

Here we will look at some reasons why it is impossible to determine a definite price for web design:

web design

Website design should be viewed as a service and not a product

Seeing websites as a service more than a product can help us develop a better understanding why it is difficult to price web design. Websites is a collaboration of people. Aside from that, they require time and effort on the part of the designer.

Website design requires a complex level of planning

Designing a website requires details from the customer and this could have a major impact on the pricing. There are certain requirements that need to be determined such as file formats, image size, and others. All of these can have a huge effect on the pricing.

Quotes are subjective

Website design can be done in a variety of ways. Just try and ask a few companies for a price and they will give you different responses for a similar set of requirements.

Every person may have their own definition of a successful website

Each designer will have their own idea of what a successful website truly is? For instance, one designer may think that a great website should be like a work of art while another will say that it should utilize latest codes built from scratch. Other would also want websites that are simple, SEO optimized & have nice business listing backlinks, and feature loaded. The reality is that the success of your website boils down to your business goals and not the contents.

There are several ways to price a website

There are two methods of pricing a website: fixed bid or hourly. However, some companies will go beyond that due to the presence of gray areas. Instead they will charge you weekly or daily. By doing so, clients will be able to see the service component of website design. Besides, the focus should not be on the billing component but on the purpose—ROI, traffic generation, surpassing business goals.

Web design is governed by only few standards

Web design is a fairly young industry so there are not many standards. The processes of building the website may differ from one company to another. There are different design platforms and programming languages used for the design. As the industry grows, more standards are likely to emerge. Since there are no uniform standards yet, it will remain hard to determine the price of website design.


Web design Australia is a long and complicated process. Each company may offer different options to their customers and their pricing may not be uniform with that of other web design companies. So next time you ask a company “How much will it cost me?” do not be surprised to hear different amounts because the truth of the matter is there is no definite answer to that question.

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