5 Website Design Facts You NEED To Read

It has now become much less complicated and tough when it comes to creating a fully furnished and user friendly website. However, here we are going to explore five interesting facts which you need to read and understand on web design.

It is not easy to master this website optimization game. No doubt, it takes a little bit more time to learn and understand all of these mind-blowing and amazing web design facts.

Now without wasting any time, let us get an insight which may help us to improve our website.

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Fact 1

It is observed that the average attention span on the website has been drastically decreased from 12 to 8 seconds. Make sure to deliver your web content in the shortest and quickest possible time as you can.

Make your content understandable and quick to digest for your target audience. Moreover, dull and boring content gives your website a high bounce rate and the user does not come back to your website.

Fact 2

Lists are way far better as compared to using large paragraphs in your website content. It is believed by a large number of website experts know that too much text is counter-productive for your potential customers.

Prefer to go for listing or bullet points. In addition to, huge and heavy chunks of text may exhaust your visitors.

Fact 3

Incorporation of videos in a website heavily influences the visitors. Online videos or any tutorials aid the visitors to get a better understanding about products and services.

No doubt, YouTube has aided the explosion and trend when it comes to online videos. So, to persuade your customers to buy your products or services, better add live videos in your website.

Fact 4

Company contact information is crucial. 44% of website visitors find contact information and contact details extremely crucial. It is a must for you to add a contact page on your website.

Do include and mention a valid phone number, email address and other necessary contact details. It is seen that 44% of visitors may leave the website if there is a lack or absence of contact information.

Fact 5

Almost 47% of users expect to load a website within 2 seconds time frame. You need to pay a huge amount of attention to your website loading speed. If the loading speed is under 2 seconds, then that is great.

Those websites which take longer loading time, they may frustrate and exhaust your website visitors.


So, what’s the bottom line? All of these facts regarding a website design tell us a different and thought provoking story. Understanding of these facts may help us to conquer this field.

Furthermore, you should know that almost 80% of users access retail content by using their smartphones. As online retail store owners have a mobile-friendly option, for the reason that it encourages users to shop online by using their smartphones.

What other facts you know, do share with us and stay in touch.

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