Certain Features Missing From Your Web Design

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As the time passes and the internet speeds up with its development, people contributing to it have to keep up with latest advancements and terminologies. If you are a business owner, have you ever thought as to why your website isn’t doing well way it should have? Have you ever been clueless about a fact that why your audience isn’t responding just the way you wanted them to?

web designing india

All these questions have only one answer and that is a lack of development in web design and latest features! There could be a chance that your website does not possess some or the other crucial features which other websites might be providing to users. Audience is attracted towards clean and crisp modern design, functions which they subconsciously agree to take as the norm. Think of modern design as a blend of functions, design and art. Let’s see what might be missing on your site:

  • Uniqueness in Your Web Design as per Your Industry

As you know, your website with a classy web design is the first impression grabber from a user. Every web page should not only reflect your industry’s services and products but it should echo the culture of your company. The content that you create should act like a narrator and ‘tell your story’ through your site.

To keep your visitors busy and connected, a great way to add interaction is to make use of bold hero sections with improved video content, animations and sliders. Also, make sure that your web design is recognizable. Including typography, visual style and approach and various design elements play a vital role in creating a great impression in user’s head.

  • Search Functionality Gives Freedom

Did you ever notice why visitors prefer using your competitor’s site? Well, they might have incorporated a basic yet revolutionary feature: search function. In this growing digital period, web surfers often want their needs to be fulfilled instantly. Not able to search for what they encountered your web page can result in switching to your competitors. Nowadays, the search bar is of ultimate importance whether it be an online shopping website to search for products or services or it be for searching blogs or articles on a particular keyword.

  • Lack of Trending UI & UX Features

Even though your website is engaging and attractive but page visitor’s subconscious mind can pick a few points as to why your page is not up to the mark. Sometimes it can be being sub-standard. In this trending world of web designing, simplicity with responsiveness is praised. From the last few years, UX and UI have taken a front seat.

Features like material and flat design 2.0, scroll jacking, scalable vector graphics and font icons, ghost buttons and the last, minimalism. Incorporating all these latest design features to your website tells that you are attentive in making a user-friendly website.

  • Slow Website Results in Low Performance

Various times you would have suffered through a painful time when websites take the time to load their content and graphics. There are tons of sites today which are visually appealing but lack in loading faster which results in low page speed, high bounce rates, low search engine rankings and yslow scores. All this happens because of the usage of lots of codes, scripts, non-optimized images and no caching. To increase your Google ranking, make use of fewer scripts and low sized images on your site.

With an excellent functionality, great user-experience, supreme quality responsive graphics and trending UI and UX, you can perform better. Doesn’t matter you work in a Web Design Company or are a business owner, these features will surely complete your website.

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