How do You Fix QuickBooks Desktop Error Code 2130?

How do You Fix QuickBooks

QuickBooks is accounting software which is used by medium or small-sized enterprises. It is basically a financial tool for businesses. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the methods to fix QuickBooks desktop error code 2130. But before getting started, let us look down to the overview of today’s article:


  • What is QuickBooks error code 2130?
  • Reasons for QuickBooks error code 2130?
  • How to correct error code 2130 on QuickBooks?


Time to discuss the points in detail:

What is QuickBooks error code 2130?

QuickBooks 2130 is a kind of unrecoverable error that is found with this financial known software. It basically occurs when the banking payroll fails such as transaction or any other fault in entering the credentials of the bank account etc.

Reasons for QuickBooks error code 2130?

These errors are somewhat kind of unrecoverable errors. It is random and can be caused by various reasons. Some of these are the server’s errors and so on. Some of the common error codes associated are as follows:

  • 00000 14775
  • 00000 15204
  • 00227 55008
  • 00551 46274
  • 02457 79428
  • 13730 84631
  • 13824 75582
  • 15563 13890
  • 19758 63847
  • 20103 33023
  • 20888 41171

How to correct error code 2130 on QuickBooks?

Below are some of the step by step methods to correct error code 2130 on QuickBooks:

Method 1:  Windows Servers

Window server 2012:

Note: servers are taken care of by the licensed computers technicians basically. Before taking the steps below as mentioned, do not forget to consult your IT professional. Take his advice first and then proceed further:

Step 1: first of all open up the server manager. 

Step 2: then go to the tools option. From there choose computer management.

Step 3: after that, proceed to the local users and other defined groups and only then select groups.

Step 4: then, next you need to DOUBLE click on the administrator groups to open up the administrator properties window. After that hit ADD

Step 5: NOW, you need to go to select users, service accounts, computers, group’s window and then you only need to enter the account details where you really want to add admin groups. Once you are done. Select OK. 

Method 2: Window server 2011 and 2008/R2 for small business

Follow the following steps to get rid of 2130 QuickBooks error without any hassle:

Step 1: first you need to run the SBS window basically 2011/2008 console. 

Step 2: then select users and groups, after that you need to go to the users tab. 

Step 3: then go to the tasks panel, from there select add a new user account. You can do so to run add a new person account wizard. 

Step 4: fill in the details. Once you are done, and then choose up the role of the new added user.

Step 5: set a new password or the new user. Remember, adding a password is mandatory. You will not be able to continue without adding it. Also, the password must meet the setting requirements. 

Step 6: choose the add user after that

Step 7: at that follow up the rest instructions and at last click finish. 

What in case if regular user has been affected?

Follow the following processes if regular user has been affected:

  • Choose the set up user’s option along with passwords from the company menu and then hit set up users. 
  • For the enterprise users. What you need to do is, go to the company menu as previous step and then choose select users,. Now from there, choose set up roles and users. 
  • Pick add user and then enter the credentials such as password and the user name. Hit next. Also remember; never use the damaged user name. 
  • Do not forget to customize the user. Hit finish. 
  • Now, next you need to go to the file menu and then choose log off option or close company.

Time to sum up:

Thus, these will help you out in troubleshooting the QuickBooks error 2130 and many more quickbook error code list solving guide. You can easily resolve the problem following the above methods. Hope the article is helpful for you. 

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