The Highest Paying Computer Certifications for 2018

Highest Paying Computer Certifications

Everybody wants a job that pays well, but not everyone makes the cut. You have got to be good at what you are doing. But importantly, you have got to be doing something that is in demand. If your qualification list is filled with degrees or certifications which are getting obsolete, you will get no rewards no matter how good are your grades.

So, how do you let the highest paying companies know that you are one of the best candidates? By making sure you have skills, certifications and knowledge that they are looking for.

Highest Paying Computer Certifications

The best way to get an in-demand skill is to get globally accredited certifications. This is because unlike a degree course, professional certifications are shorter and more focused on a particular aspect. This means, you can quickly obtain a certification and apply for a job when there are plenty of jobs in the market.

Here is a roundup of some of the highest paying computer certifications for 2018.

Certified Cloud Security Professional

The cloud is the future of the internet as we know it today. However, with the limitless options it provides and doors it opens, there is also a great possibility of security breaches and vulnerabilities arising. To counter this, there is a strong need for someone who can oversee, manage and tighten the security protocols in place for all the data an enterprise places on the cloud. The certified cloud security professional (CCSP) certification teaches you all that. The best part about this certification is that it has no prerequisites. You don’t need to have any other certification under your belt in order to be eligible for taking up this one. Moreover, the market for cloud security professionals is expected to see a major boom in the next couple of years.

CISCO Certified Networking Professional- Routing and Switching (CCNP-R&S)

This is one of those courses which can be a bit heavy on the pocket. However, after obtaining this certification, you can expect a decent increment in your payrate. The course teaches you how to plan, execute, verify and maintain networks, both local and wide-area. This allows them to work hand in hand with security specialists, data analysts, communications departments etc. to ensure seamless wireless, voice and video networking solutions.

In order to earn this certification, you need to pass three exams. Each of these covers a different aspect of networking, routing, switching and troubleshooting.

MCSE- Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

This certification is offered by Microsoft and so is by default a beneficial one. The cloud might be a virtual place, however, given the sheer amount of data that can be found there, there is a strong need for someone who can navigate through it all and access the required data at the right time. A certification in cloud platform and infrastructure allows you to do exactly that.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

With more and more businesses and personal information available on computing devices, internet and the cloud, there is a high risk of a security breach. Be it individuals or enterprises, everyone needs someone who can protect their systems against such breaches. However, with hackers constantly stepping up their game, the conventional methods of data encryption and protection just aren’t enough. To counter this, there is a strong need for someone who can think like a hacker and has an appropriate strategy for every possible attack by a hacker. The Certified Ethical Hacker teaches you all these skills. To earn this certification, you are required to pass one extensive test. This can be taken either after a period of self-study or after attending the preparatory course.

You can consider online courses if you don’t have the time or resources to join proper classes or local training center.

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