Best Tips for Growing Your Web Design Business on the Internet

Web design is an interesting but challenging field. It is interesting because lots of creative insights are needed for web design. It is challenging because it is easy to create pages that irritate or frustrate the visitors. The designer should create pages which interest and attract a large number of visitors. Web design also involves risks since annoyed visitors will never visit the sites which they did not like. A substantial decrease in the number of visitors will prove deadly to a site or business. Let us have a glance at the best tips for growing a web design business on the internet.

  • Provide compelling and valuable content: A web designer has to make sure that each page of his website has something valuable to offer to the visitors. Though content does not directly relate to design it is more important than design. Basically a web page exists to provide something that is useful and interesting to visitors. Therefore, this has to be mentioned first and it is mandatory that a web page offers interesting content.
  • Avoid sleazy elements: A web designer should avoid blinking or scrolling text, animated GIFs or auto-loading sound which may distract their visitors. Serious visitors will not like things flying around the page when they want to read something on the site. Visitors with slow internet connections will hate animations and sound files which, in a way, waste their precious time. Traditional mindset says animations will draw people towards them. But the reality of the present times is just the opposite. People will love to read at their own pace, but the scrolling text will make them wait for the text to slowly appear. A web site designer should always keep in mind the interests of his visitors and act accordingly on his site.
  • Do not annoy your visitors with pop-up windows: A site will have pop-ups when the site owner thinks of his interests rather than the visitors’ interests. No visitor likes pop-up windows. As users we do not like pop-ups, but when we switch hats and become the site owners we cease to understand the visitors’ interests.
  • Do not use text over image backgrounds: Text over image backgrounds give an amateur look to the sites. Such backgrounds also look low quality because employing such backgrounds is not a user-friendly option. The pages designed this way will have slow loading times which will put the visitors off.
  • Bulky image files will distract visitors: When it is highly necessary to use image files, the site owner should compress them. Then the visitors can view it more rapidly. Flashy graphics and multimedia can also have adverse effects on the visitors. They may look nice on a site, but visitors have to struggle to get the information they want from the site. The sites, whose content is about creative things, may find that employing multimedia is the best option for them. It is indeed great for an art or music web site.

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