Benefits of Perfect Web Design and Development

The benefits of an effective Web Design and Development  cannot be undermined. In fact, these are capable of making or breaking brand or product online. It can also decide the fate or a company’s online presence. Therefore in the present day, everyone from large multinationals to local traders have or try to get up their business website as soon as possible.

There are many reasons or advantages for maintaining an online presence through a website. Unlike in real life, company website may be seen by hundreds or thousands of viewers online. Compared to this, a real life shop may not get so many footfalls in a day. For product specific companies this is very important. Each year, the number of people with internet supported devices is growing. And practically it translates to more footfalls and purchases on their websites. This is not to mean that real life shops are redundant in making sales. They do make a lot of sales as well, but generally do not have the footfall level of online websites.

Now, Web Design is normally seen as making the website and having it ready for the client. This is a wrong notion because web design is something within web development. There are 3 main elements within website development. The first category is the Client side website coding. This includes working with elements such as Ajax, Flash, Jquery, HTML5 and the latest CSS. The second category is the Server side coding within which the web development team has to work on elements such as CGI, Java, PHP, Python and more. The third category is the Client and Server side that involves working on various tools such as Tersus and Opa. These are the general facts and not all companies use all of these technologies.

Now comes the most interesting part. There are 2 categories of work when it comes to Web Development. These are Basic web development and Advanced web development. Within the former, the development team makes a website along with basic graphics, and to make the website itself use technologies or processes such as information architecture to manage all the data, copy writing to churn out creative copy relevant to the website, making the website more accessible to viewers and make it optimized to the major search engines. However, as said before this is only the basic web development.

In advanced web development, the development team works on technologies such as the GUI or the Graphic User Interface design, incorporating audio, animation and video within the website along with the necessary coding, incorporating Flash, incorporating a web content management system in the website to organize and maintain all the information, incorporating security systems within the website and much more. Naturally one can see why there are there two categories of web designing work. Small concerns desire to have web development companies give them an SEO ready website for their small online business. For the large companies, whose websites are equally complex in coding and formation, the advanced web development is the best.

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