Weddings in Vancouver in 2020: How It Looks Now



The year 2020 has become a standstill era for many opportunities and plans. One of these is wedding plans that are beyond impossible to put in reality, or so we thought.

Around June 19th of the present year, the City of Vancouver officially announced that they will be offering up space at the City Hall for couples who have been longing to tie the knot.

The Micro Wedding is the city’s way to accommodate postponed nuptials due to the pandemic. This pilot project is held at Helena Gutteridge Plaza, not far from the Vancouver City Hall.

8 Couples A Day

A pre-booking is mandatory to achieve a systematic flow of upcoming husbands and wives. All available dates and times are listed at

With a headcount of 8 per couple each day, reserving for desired dates would be the utmost priority. A limitation of couples to be wed in a day is the most adequate decision as to not spread the virus.

This is also one of the most affordable weddings one might ever have, with the venue fee marking $85, Goods and Service Tax to be added.

Maximum of 10, Minimum of 5

Only a maximum of 10 people and a minimum of 5, with an inclusion of an officiant, the to-be-weds, wedding photographer, and two witnesses, are allowed in the ceremony. This is to follow the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry’s statement that weddings can still proceed provided that less than 50 participants are to be invited and adheres to all precautionary measures.

Those who take interest will have to make their own arrangements for an officiant and apply and buy a marriage license.

The 30-Minute Ceremony

The ceremony is limited to a 30-minute duration to give room for the other weddings reserved each day. With this time frame, the prevention of spreading the virus may not grow in radius.

Wedding decorations are also allowed but under the client’s provision and care. To also prevent clutter; confetti, rice, and other food and drinks, except for water, are not allowed in the Plaza.


This year was an unexpected whirlwind for all people. Therefore Micro Weddings are understandably looked into consideration, especially for engaged couples who are eager to put their wedding plans to action. Nonetheless, this pilot project is a good adjustment for the New Normal we currently live in. For engagement rings and wedding bands for your 2021 wedding, contact Luxury Diamonds Vancouver.

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