Top 7 Latest Trends in Blogging and Social Media in 2014

Today blogging and social media optimization are the most useful areas for search engine optimization and like most of the webmasters; I am also very keen about blogging and social media. So let’s analyse the latest trends to be followed in 2014, don’t feel that this is some kind of predictions dealing with luck of SEOs. This is nothing to do with luck, rather representing research on search engine policies. As I researched them so far, hence for me this is very essential to share my findings with you. One can also follow Blogging and SEO Tips from my blog at Techy Blog.

In the field of internet marketing, for us this is very important to keep ourselves updated from latest trends. If you want precise information regarding what to do in 2014 for effective social media and blogging campaign, this article is very beneficial for you. So, please read it carefully

Here is a List of Trends that Bloggers Follow on Social Media

  1. Although Google tries to get monopolies market share in social media marketing but right now it can only take 0.5% social networking market share in comparison of Facebook that owns 65%, but as the progress going on, you should start working on Google+ because it is predicted that it will take the replace 50% of Facebook shares in the next few years to come. So BE PREPARED.
  2. On the other hand, Facebook is also losing the ground and its monopolistic position was greatly affected in the last year due to various privacy scandals and annoyances and also due to increase popularity of other alternatives like Diaspora, Google+ or Tumblr.
  3. Now, another important point to be discussed with you is the over saturation of users with the social network activities especially on Facebook. And “Decline is waiting there after super saturation” hence now people are trying to go anywhere else because they are quite saturated with the Facebook apps.
  4. As there was Quantity vs. quality in 2014, when people blogged less often but they wrote long articles, now as per change in GOOGLE algorithmic, small but large numbers of articles are helpful to get top rankings.
  5. Mini blogging like Tumblr, Squidoo is more liked by the saturated people as it offers combination of blogging and social networking.
  6. Moreover, for the SEO who are working for corporate blogging; it is now failed as per the recommendation by the Google for less back linking and issues of spamming.
  7. The Freshness in content in blogging and social media is considered as the best as per Google algorithm 2014, so keep your content updating.

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