Top 5 Under Eye Products

Top 5 Under Eye Products

Why do Dark Circles happen? 

Dark Circles have a number of causes to appear under the eyes. Although it is very hard to exactly point out a definite reason for dark circles, but the darkening of the skin under the eyes are caused due to various reasons.

Top 5 Under Eye Products

Let us discuss some of the reasons here:

  • The under eye skin is the most tender part of the body. It’s thickness is a mere 0.2mm as 9opposed to 2mm thickness of the other parts of the skin. And this delicate skin tends to get thinner when exposed to the pollution and the UV rays of the sun. The thinning of the skin shows the blood vessels more clear lyand this causes the appearance of dark circles.
  • The production of excessive melanin the pigment that produces skin darkening which is also known as Periorbital Hyperpigmentation is also another cause of formation of dark circles under our eyes.
  • The people who work in night shifts have the lack of sleep, and as everyone knows lack of sleep is another reason for development of dark circles under our eyes.

The Best Under Eye Products that are available: 

  • Eyevage by Solvaderm: Solvaderm’s Eyevage is one of the best and most potent eyecare products scientifically developed for sensitive skin around the eyes. It has got great reviews online.


  • Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream with Anise: The Best benefit of using this under eye cream is that the cream does not contain parabens. Unlike other under eye creams, this creamdoes not hide the dark circles but helps in reducing and diminishing them, and also helps in toning and firming the skin around our eyes. Made up of Papaya extracts and Potato starch, this cream gives the under eye skin the exact amount of miniaturization that is required and also brightens the eye.


  • Biotique Bio Seaweed Revitalizing Anti Fatigue Eye Gel:The Best part of applying this gel is that this is a clear gel which is free from any colour and fragrance. The ingredients of this gel consists of nutmeg oil, seaweed extracts, Himalayan water and honey. The gel well spread and gets easily absorbed, the gel is also rich in lipids, minerals, proteins, vitamins and other detox materials. The cream is budget friendly and prevents worsening of dark circles.


  • Himalaya Herbal Under Eye Cream: The cream is budget friendly and delivers it’s claiming of reducing dark circles within 80% within a month. It also reduces blemishes, pigmentation and also reduces the dark circles. It helps in smoothing the skin under the eye and also helps in brightening and moisturizing the eyes.


  • Lotus Herbals Nutraeye Rejuvenating and Correcting Eye Gel: This is a budget friendly gel. This is a light consistency gel that is quick absorbing and it rejuvenates and corrects the skin damage in the under eye area. It claims to correct the puffiness and wrinkles and fine lines under the eye. The tube packing feature of the cream also makes it traveling friendly.


  • Juicy Coffee and Green Tea Eye Cream: Coffee is an important ingredient for under eye creams it helps in rejuvenating the under eye skin. The almond oil in the skin helps in moisturizing the eyes and prevent the fine lines and wrinkles. The product is 100% herbal and is free from parabens and any sort of artificial fragrances.

Under Eye Products must be verified a lot before buying. It is definitely not prudent to buy an under eye cream on a pick and go basis. It is best to buy the under eye creams that is herbal and parabens free and enjoy a look devoid of dark circles.

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