Top 5 Differences between Mini Dental Implants and Regular Dental Implants

Top 5 Differences between Mini Dental Implants and Regular Dental Implants

Do you hide back your smile because of the unsightly gaps between the front teeth? Do you have damaged or decayed teeth? If so, then dental implants could be the best solution to your dental problems.

A Dental implant is a medical grade post inserted into the jawbone. Over that, a dental crown is placed making it look like a real tooth. Dental implants can restore a single tooth to a full arch and can help you regain your lost smile, and enable you to laugh and speak again with confidence and comfort.  Before you look for the best dental implants in Tustin, you need to know the difference between the regular dental implants and mini dental implants- which one to choose?

Top 5 Differences between Mini Dental Implants and Regular Dental Implants

Regular Dental Implant

Implants have been in use as a way to replace the lost teeth over the years. This traditional method is used to replace the decayed or lost teeth, multiple teeth, or a full denture or bridge. Regular implants comprise of two pieces (post, abutment) and have a diameter of 3.25 to 5mm inserted into the bone socket of the lost teeth using an external screw.

Regular dental implants are used to hold the removable dentures in place. If the patient is considering to replace a tooth, then the conventional dental implant is the best choice. The bone density of the patient should be adequate as well to support a regular dental implant.

  • The intensity of the surgery – It is a more invasive procedure when compared to the MDIs as the implant screw used is thicker.
  • Time factor – The time for the procedure to complete and time to recover after a regular dental implant is longer. The patient might have to visit multiple times post the implant.
  • Cost – Regular implant technique is a little bit expensive when compared to the mini dental implants. For instance, to restore a single tooth one has to pay thousands of dollars. Additionally, bone grafting or sinus lift might be required, and the cost would increase gradually.
  • Comfort and additional dental procedures – Traditional implant method with thin bone structure needs bone drafting. This procedure would add to the discomfort of the patient.
  • Longevity – Regular implants often last longer when compared to the mini dental implants and are more stable as well.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants or MDIs comprise of a one-piece screw that is less than 3mm in diameter, with a ball-shaped end that protrudes from the jawbone. Mini dental implants are smaller in size and are also known as small diameter implants or narrow diameter implants.

  • The intensity of the surgery – The implant screw used in MDIs is narrow. Also, the procedure for inserting the screw is less invasive.
  • Time factor – For the mini implant, one visit is all you might need. The surgery is minor, and there is no need for sutures.
  • Cost – Mini Dental Implants are cost-effective. The cost of the mini dental implant for the same restored tooth might be nearly 30% less.
  • Comfort and additional dental procedures – Mini dental implants are an alternative for patients who are unable to have the regular implants done as mini implants do not require much support as the regular implants. MDIs are designed to avoid the bone grafting procedure and hence, the most obvious choice among many patients.
  • Longevity – Unfortunately, mini dental implants can’t provide the same stability as the regular dental implants.

The only way to decide the right type of implant for you is to consult an experienced dental professional. Fix an appointment at Ocmaxsurgery Center to seek advice from Dr Farzin Farshidi, a renowned dental implant specialist in the orange county. Only a good dentist can get to the root of the problem!

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