Top 4 Rec Room Ideas

Rec Room Ideas

A rec room is an area in the home where you can have fun and blow off steam. There is a huge range of recreational activities in the world and what appeals to one person may seem completely boring to another. The key to creating the perfect recreational space is to identify what you love to do and build on your passion. If you are still deciding on what sort of room you want, here are a few great ideas.

Gamer’s Paradise

If you are an avid gamer then the chances are you want to dedicate a room to your hobby. You probably already own consoles and games, so all you need to do is create a space to house it all. A dedicated gaming room can prevent your gear from cluttering up the rest of the home. It is also a space that can be enjoyed by yourself or with like-minded gamer friends. If there is a particular game you love to play, then why not create a theme around it? Look out for themed wall décor and gaming paraphernalia to display.

For a compact rec room, make sure you have a desk large enough to accommodate your monitor, speakers and, of course, snacks. In addition, an ergonomic gaming chair can reduce back and neck pain, and it will enable you to game comfortably for longer.

Viva Las Vegas

For those who love to entertain, why not go all out with a casino-themed rec room? Add a multifunctional table to accommodate a variety of card games, slot machines and a wheel of fortune for fun. Roulette is an iconic casino game. If you’re the crafty type, try your hand at building your own. For an authentic Vegas vibe, furnish the room with sleek furniture and choose a color palette to reflect a casino hall. Think black, green and burgundy. Don’t forget to add soft lights to create the perfect ambiance.

Relaxation Retreat

Although a casino-themed room sounds fun, a place to relax can be more beneficial for some people. A relaxation retreat can be enjoyed after a hard day and can be used as a place to practice meditation and yoga. Recreate a spa experience by filling it with scented candles, aromatherapy oil and incense sticks. For a calm place to simply rest and recuperate, furnish it with an oversized bean bag. You may have seen them retailing for thousands of dollars online, and have been put off by the extortionate price. Luckily, Lovesac competitors, such as Comfy Sacks, offer a collection of comfortable yet affordable bean bags. They come in a large range of sizes to suit your space and you can choose from fabrics such as fur and microsuede.

Home Cinema

Everyone has a favorite movie. With a home cinema, you can watch yours whenever you want on the ‘big screen’. Recreate the experience of going to the movies by creating a home cinema. This type of rec room can be as simple as creating a comfortable seating area in front of a wide-screen TV, and having a selection of snacks on hand. Alternatively, you can go all out with plush loungers, a video projector and a surround-sound system. Go one step further and add a fully stocked bar and a popcorn machine in the corner.

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