Things That Make HIIT Workouts So Special

Things That Make HIIT Workouts So Special

There is no denying that HIIT is one of the most powerful training techniques that produces marvellous results. The primary reason why a lot of people are beginning to adopt this kind of workout routine is the fact that it gives amazing results in s short time. The outcomes that you get by performing low intensity exercises for over three months can be easily achieved by performing high intensity exercises for a month.

Things That Make HIIT Workouts So Special

To understand this kind of workout better, take a careful look at what HIIT stands for and it will all start making sense. HIIT basically is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training. This name is derived from the fundamental nature of these exercises which require you to perform high intensity exercises for a specific period and then having an interval in between. The typical ratio of exercise to rest is 1:2. You need to repeat this exercise and rest pattern for 5 to 7 times in a single workout session to get maximum impact from this unique exercise approach.

HIIT workouts are a great method to get a lean body while burning that extra body fat. They work to heighten the metabolic rate of the body which in turn melts that extra flab fast. The thing which makes this kind of workout very special is the fact that it not only burns calories while you are exercising, but it also keeps on melting fat from your body for as long as 24 hours after you complete the exercise. This benefit of HIIT is truly unmatched and can notbe availed with any other kind of exercise routine. It is for this reason that HIIT is the most favoured exercise technique by people who want to lose weight rapidly and do not wish to wait long to see results.

To understand the fundamentals of HIIT clearly consider the example of a sprinter who runs at a very high speed for 1 minute and then takes rest for the next two minutes. This kind of training may seem to appear a little demanding, but it just requires a little bit of dedication and passion from your side. Once you get used to the routine of exercising in this manner, your body will thank you for all the good things that this kind of workout brings with it.

Some of the fabulous benefits that can be availed by adopting this particular kind of workout schedule include improved cardiovascular health, an impressive metabolic rate, quick weight loss and toned muscles. This kind of training makes you test the abilities of your body and reach an optimum level of fitness quickly. It also boosts your immunity while improving the functioning of your body.

Things That Make HIIT Workouts So Special

HIIT workouts are also full of variety. One does not get bored any time soon while following this kind of workout schedule as it constantly requires you to perform different types of exercises on an alternate basis. Moreover, the time between high intensity and low intensity exercises is very short which goes far in assuring that boredom does not strike soon.

If you want to avail the benefits of this special workout schedule then it is not necessary to get a gym membership for yourself. Nowadays you can easily lay on hands on multiple resources that can guide on the right kind of technique to gain maximum advantage from HIIT. There are many videos and DVDs that you can use to gain knowledge about the most apt tips to design a perfect regime for HIIT workouts that can deliver desired results.

However, as there are countless at-home HIIT workout programs available in the market, it is required that you choose the one that is designed accordingly to your present health level. In anticipation of quick results do not pick any schedule that would be very difficult for your body to endure. Choose a program that you know can be performed by your body without much discomfort or risk of injuries.

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