The 7 Most Exciting Cities In The World

Exciting Cities In The World

The most celebrated cities in the world have created a model for everyone to follow. Be it through art, fashion, music, food, media, or tech stem from the most exciting and innovative civic landscapes epitomizing unyielding promise. The most buzz-worthy cities encircle facets to provide your senses meeting and reeling even the spectacular expectations. If you succeed in figuring out what these metropolises stand for, you are bound to experience breathtaking and endless rewards.

From Berlin’s self-indulgent emotions of revitalized districts to Rio de Janeiro’s hang gliding through the environment surrounded by pious peaks, let’s take a quick look at some of the astounding cities that make this world a happening place.

London (England)

London is a creative powerhouse, a cultural leader, and even better, a trend-setter. The city flourishes on complexity and diversity and is known as the world’s most individualistic city. The street scene, along with market shopping, carries precedent in the town even though it houses several essential art collectives from all the ages. London holds its nostalgic history dear but also renews itself now and then. 

London  It has quite a lot of faces and many subcultures, making the city fall on the banks of appeal and attraction. From the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, British Museums to traditional British restaurants, riverside pubs, and rooftop bars, you wouldn’t settle for less, and London, on the other hand, wouldn’t let any of it sink in. The designs, fashion, and music impending out of England’s capital reach several international circuits, drawing precedent waves all around the world.

New York (United States)

The world’s capital, New York City, sets the bar so high, that there is never a wearisome moment in this profound hub. New York houses architectural marvels like 4 Freedoms Park, Flatiron Building, Whitney Museum of American Art and One World Trade Center, world-class shopping, fabulous restaurants, accompanied by the never-ending nightlife whereabouts. The city for almost a century has been engrossed in world-renowned performance arts that include famous shows such as School Of Rock, The Musical, Monday Night Magic, The Lion King, and the list goes on. Different boroughs and a stellar music scene are majorly defined by entrepreneurs, residents, and many other innovative souls. 

If you are wondering where the fashion and culture stew away, well, food trucks, vintage shops are as famous as lavish restaurants. Moreover, people from all across the globe contribute to creating invincibly authentic cultural fusion. When it comes to New York, we never sway away from acknowledging lavish attractions of Manhattan, as it’s known for being an individual city within the city. To make the exploration much more fun, rent a Jeep Wrangler that has a Jeep roof rack.

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Dubai is an ambitious and rare city that is leading the front in the Middle East. With a vast community of foreign nationals, the town is home to innovative places and new faces. Dubai is surrounded by pristine desserts that embark on the sights of state-of-the-art buildings while enjoying several activities. Travelers can go for desert safaris or explore the enormously designed pieces of architectural brilliance as well.

DubaiWhen you talk about Dubai, Burj Khalifa is just a sentence away. It is a tower, 830m-tall, dominating all the skyscraper-filled skyline. Right at the foot of Burj Khalifa lies the Dubai Fountain, with lights and jet, choreographed to music. Right on artificial islands offshore is a world-renowned resort, Atlantis, The Palm, with marine-animal and water parks. Despite the city’s urbane infrastructure, the rich heritage of Arabic culture is very much prominent. Traditional souks and beautiful mosques blend with luxury shopping malls and contemporary skyscrapers to create a diverse background.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Pair Rio’s coastal backdrop packed along with samba’s lilts with the ever-so-happy locals, and there you have an incredibly captivating destination. The sandy stretches, historic colonies nestled amidst urban skyscrapers, sharp granite pinnacles vault, accompanied by nothing but thick emerald forests pushing every limit – Rio de Janeiro seems to house it all. 

Christ, the Redeemer, is probably one of the most defining and unmistakable statues to be ever constructed. The massive coastline, with this iconic statue, is protected under the UNESCO World Heritage. 

Since it’s Rio we’re discussing, there are three obsessions you might have read about before landing here – Beach, Carnival, and Football. But if you’re up for an increase in heartbeat levels, travel to the Sao Conrado district, and rent the hang glider. Then dive from the rock of Pedra Bonita into endless sky stretches featuring lofty mountains around and infinite ocean below.

Paris (France)


Known for its endless artistic wealth, traditional architecture, and historical landmarks, Paris offers unforgettable experiences. The city’s nightlife, dining, and shopping extravaganza are merely phenomenal. There are several scores of sites to check when in Paris, like the breathtaking backdrop around Rue de la Roquette and Rue de Charonne. Another notable fact about this short stretch is that it brims with bars and restaurants filled with locals, students, and several ex-pats. Such a circle creates a fresh and dynamic social setting. 

Do not miss out on the velvety-roped lines, where you can barhop. Moreover, the food runs far beyond Italian, French, Cuban, Thai, and so much more.

Bangkok (Thailand)

This capital sends your senses tottering. Almost everyone has heard the name and the thrills it provides. Some of the famous delights include watching Muay Thai matches live with passionate Thais. You can choose to surf in the day at Sukhumvit’s Flow House, and post that, do extreme cycling at the Peppermint Bike Park or dive with sharks at none other Ocean World. 

If you’re someone who cannot live without a food marathon, well, there is an array of food corners, family restaurants, and dining spots. And, if you happen to be a hardcore party head, then by night, experience one of the world’s intense party scenes. While you do that, go on a run of relaxing pubs or bars. At Bangkok’s most adventurous nightlife circle, Sukhumvit, dig in as soon as the sunsets. 

Berlin (Germany)

The German capital is known as one of the most, if not the most, transformative cities on the globe. That is because of the reunion of East and West Germany after a long separation period. The country’s newly appointed capital has come out to embellish an urban metropolis and a destination for shopping, arts, architecture, and entertainment.


In recent years, the capital city has sculptured out a well-known reputation for housing Europe’s one of the most exciting nightlife. But if you want to be culturally driven, then explore historical sites like Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, Reichstag Building, Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, Charlottenburg Palace, and so much more. And, if your appetite allows more, then do not miss out on the sunset from TC Tower of Berlin, and a walk through the abandoned airport, Tempelhof Feld.


There’s an enormous amount of assortment among cities, equipped with everything from neon-lit skylines and centuries-old palaces to staggering skyscrapers. This guide from local art, signature dishes to historical sites, and sun-washed beaches, however, serves everyone in every other way.

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