8 Most Beautiful Capital Of The World

One of the best ways to achieve tranquillity and solitude lies amidst nature. Being in the arms of mountains or by the beach-side never fails to amaze anybody. Nature holds the beauty that’s irreplaceable and in various forms like ancient architecture or aesthetics. What makes any place worth visiting is the culture, flora, and fauna. If you’re a travel enthusiast, you know the trouble of choosing one area to explore. From London’s Kew Gardens to the astounding monuments of Berlin, almost every place seems worth visiting. To sort the dilemma out, you must find out the most astonishing cities that are the epitome of beauty.

Keep reading and know the list of drool-worthy places that you must explore on your next voyage.

Explore The Cultural Aesthetics Of London

Explore The Cultural Aesthetics Of London


The only city where the days are as peaceful as the nights is the capital of Britain i.e., London. Being the pioneer of commerce and trade, London possesses all that life desires. From beautiful Kew garden to the sky-touching towers and buildings, this place will surely leave you speechless. When you get bored with the skyscrapers, go ahead and explore the diverse cultures and aesthetics. Meet various people and learn their native languages.

Along with being one of the most breath-taking cities all over the globe, London also has a rich culture. It is considered to be the only city with people speaking more than two hundred languages. So, pack your bags and explore the streets of Great Britain’s Capital today.

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Romantic Walks On The Streets Of Paris

If there’s one city that reflects an ecstatic feel and romance in the air, then that is Paris. Embellished with the lush green mountains and colorful roads, this city surely holds some real beauty. If you’re someone who longs for a serene environment and history that speaks for itself, then this is the perfect destination. From a walk under the romantic Eiffel tower to install-worthy captures on the bright roads of cobblestone, you find everything in one place. Explore the astounding architecture of Notre Dame or the commendable appeal of Sacré-Coeur on your next trip. Also, make sure to try out the delicacies of the cafes on the streets.

With nature’s marvels and ecstatic heritage, Paris makes its way amongst the most beautiful cities worldwide.

Shop Till You Drop In Moscow

Shop Till You Drop In Moscow


Yet another amazing place to visit while on your journey towards the most beautiful cities is Moscow. This place is famous amongst the shopping buffs who love buying new outfits now and then. Apart from ecstatic clothes, even the historical antiquities of this capital are worth gazing at. From the central Red Square to Kremlin’s jaw-dropping architecture, this capital city will surely leave you wanting for more. It holds a little something for the beauty enthusiasts as well. Almost every street has at least one high-end boutique or make-up store allowing an expensive make-over shopping.

Book your next tickets to this gem of Russia and experience the Russian culture at its best.

Enjoy The Danube’s Serenity In Budapest

If you’re in love with the European culture but are a little tight on the budget, visit the Hungarian capital, Budapest. For all the travel buffs who can’t afford traveling to London or Paris, this city is the ideal one to achieve European feels. Being the most beautiful region of Europe, Budapest will surely leave you highly satisfied and happy. From walking along the corners of the Danube river to exploring the deep caves, you can dig deep into history. Also, the place holds some unique marvels for the history freaks.

Embellished with beautiful architecture and buildings from the stone age, the capital is regularly visited by historians.

Get The Enchanting Boat Rides In Venice

Get The Enchanting Boat Rides In Venice


If there’s one thing that’s most popular about Italy, then that is the water rides in Venice. Apart from this, the bright yellow houses and Italian culture of this region comes next in the list. If you’re a wanderer who loves exploring the unexplored, then Venice is the best capital. Filled with hidden treasures and cobblestone streets, this Italian capital is a highly sought after one. Enjoy delicious and authentic pasta while gazing at the best sunset and water waves. Also, a ride on the gondola is something that will surely fetch the much-needed satiety for you.

Gaze At The Unique Stonework Of Barcelona

There’s more to Barcelona than just the famous football team and the Tomatina festival. Being the capital of Spain, the city is one of the best architectural marvels all over the globe. It possesses some rare stonework due to which, many historians visit this place now and then. Yet another example of great architecture is La Sagrada Familia. Explore the best beaches and even some lush green mountains inside the premises of this city. Further, you can create some nostalgic travel memories with the world map scratch.

Overall, it’s undoubtedly one of the most charming capitals wherein nature and history go side by side.

Find The Charming Cherry Blossoms In Tokyo

Find The Charming Cherry Blossoms In Tokyo


From the crowded Shibuya crossing to an enchanting street filled with cherry blossoms, you will find everything in Tokyo. Apart from the bustling and noise of this populous city, some places will leave you mesmerized. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and the Senso-Ji temple are some serene places in the capital. For some luxurious yet affordable shopping, head over to the Ginza six. With almost every facility, Tokyo is surely one beautiful city.

Beaches Filled With Penguins In Cape Town

Traveling is the basic need of life and every traveler must visit this South African Capital at least once. Gazing at the penguins and sipping on delicious mocktails is an advantage that Cape Town offers. You can also explore the high-rise mountains and coasts that are blissfully preserved. When you get bored of this, experience some quality time in Kirstenbosch National Botanic Gardens filled with king protea. Another unique thing about this city is the colorful houses that line Bo-Kaap’s streets.

Plan your next journey in the heart of South Africa and let the wanderlust inside you dominate. Go ahead and explore the Cape of Good Hope and Table Mountain in peace.

Final Verdict

The world is full of natural artwork and breath-taking cities. However, there are a few places that top the list. From the high rise buildings of London to the romantic walks that Paris offers, a traveler needs to experience it all. So, let the traveler inside you get in full form. Also, explore the charming cities listed above to fill your soul.

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