An internal state of the individual who perceives treats to physical and psychic well being.

Stress commonly arises in a moment we are ‘too tight’. And is the way nature prepares us to face danger. At least that’s the way it was intended originally.

Nowadays younger’s had this disease. As the role of teenagers has changed over the past few years. school , college life can be a very stressful place especially when we already have a tendency to being responsible and hard working .working place has also become much more demanding .computer programs are always being renewed and updated ,which means that learning is never over .this can also cause a lot of stress in younger’s.


Eustress (good stress)

Distress (bad stress)


It is a positive stress when your level of stress is high to motivate you to do your work or to start your work.


It is a negative stress when your level of stress is low and you do not take things serious.

Causes of stress in youth:

School and colleges:

In college, you’re dealing with three things at the same time. Academics, social life, and personal time. The students are under pressure to keep up with everyone else and in this way stress affects.

Work and Job:

Work should be a source of pleasure but it brings stress and anxiety. Your whole day trapped in your work and you do not find time and you become stressful. The negative aspects present in a case, the higher level of stress.


it is a most common cause of the stress. Many people choose their occupation based on opportunities and at last they do not find pleasure or peace and take the work as burdened.


It is a very dangerous factor in younger’s.

Like fatigue or things which we love. Celebrating each victory no matter how small it may seem. Dedicating long hours, nights and days to achieve something.

Family Ties:

Many people love to spend time with their families but they do not have enough time because they are involved in so many unnecessary activities and become stressful.

Romantic relationship and friendship:

Relationships bring peace to our mind. But sometimes we become victimized and get things deeply. We feel stress by our own unrealistic expectations


Another important factor that has occurred in our modern society.

Each day more and more people are living alone, having few or no friends at all.

Tools for How to Overcome Stress:

Breathing exercise:

There are several breathing exercises to get rid of it.

A simple breathing technique is an easy and relatively quick way to begin to look after ourselves more.

Time management:

Learn how to identify the things that stress you out. Start a stress journal and come up with a plan.

Keep You Cool :

Keep you calm and lighten your load is to remember the four As of managing stress: avoid, alter, adapt or accept.

Positive thinking :

The power of positive thing helps you in many ways. Start taking things positive, in this way you will feel relax and calm.

Power of Meditation:

It helps in

.Relaxing both mind and body

.Developing concentration and awareness

.Bring tolerance and ignorance.

.Slowing down heart rate blood pressure and metabolic rate.

Power of the sleep :

As scientist have discovered that sleeping is essential for our survival .deep sleep makes us healthy because in release growth hormones which make our life joyful. Laughter:

One simple and easy way to overcome stress is your own laugh. Laugher is the cheapest medicine of the world. It reduces stress hormones, lowering blood pressure, improves circulation.

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Farah Shahbaz doing BS(psychology) From University of management and

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