Simple meditation techniques

Simple meditation techniques

Meditation for beginners is not as much difficult as it is perceived by most of the people. If you will follow the simple meditation techniques (as given here), you will realise that meditation is not really a very difficult practice.

So here are a few meditation techniques that will help you in long run in attaining meditative mind and its results thereby.

Simple meditation techniques

  1. Set smaller milestones:

It is not easy in the beginning to sit and be able to meditate for longer duration of hours. Therefore, one should aim for shorter duration’s of meditation. Remember that you are just beginning to tread a journey which has miles to go. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself with smaller milestones.

Keep it as small as 5 minutes in the beginning. You can even set the alarm for 5 minutes. If you find it easy and fruitful, increase the duration gradually.

  1. Be natural:

Meditation is perceived as a fancy art by people who try to prepare themselves a lot before the practice. As a result there mind always get occupied in the “art of preparation”. However, meditation is only a way of connecting with your super self or your sub conscious self. You do not need a readiness to do that. It can take place anytime, anywhere when you find a few moments of peace and solace. Keep it in mind that you are not doing something to elaborate to someone. It is just a way of connecting with your own self and there is no need of any preparation for it. Be at ease with yourself and try to attain focus at any point of time.

  1. Do not try varying techniques:

Internet and other sources of mass media offer various techniques of meditation to the beginners. However the meditation for beginners has to be the simplest yet consistent practice that can signal their brain to behave in a certain way every next time. if you will keep experimenting with the new techniques of meditation every now and then, you will not be able to attain your concentration point in the beginning. If you are just starting out with the practice, stick to one technique. Learn to practice meditation through it.

  1. Do not give up on failures:

Meditation for beginners does not guarantee the same results in every case. Some people realise that their initial experience generates a lot of wandering of thoughts and scattering of emotions. Some people even consider this experience as negative and get de-motivated easily. But you need to know, as a beginner it is very natural to experience such feelings. When you are trying to find the point of focus in your mind, you are just removing the layers of thoughts and feelings that have covered your focal point. It results in upheaval of emotions which is a very normal cause and effect. Do not give up to the initial hurdles. Continue with your practice to attain long term results.

  1. Use aids for help:

Guided meditation practices are available for the beginners. Mind valley academy offers courses for those who find it difficult to experience the benefits of meditation. You can take help from their courses, aids and techniques which are really helpful in maintaining focus. It is just like someone holding your hand and taking you through the experience of meditation when you do not know what to do and where to go! Guided meditation is picking up trend with various people all over the world.

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