Residential Painting Ideas to Remodel Your House

If you are looking for residential painting in Calgary, then you should read this guide which covers all the aspects of remodeling your house by exclusive residential painting ideas for any exterior or interior of your house.

Residential painting can be challenging if you are trying to restore your property after severe effect of flooding, mold damage, asbestos or was built by harmful constructing material. You should consult the demolition companies in Calgary.

If you are facing any kind of these serious issues then you must consult a qualified professional who could help you to figure out the severity of damage and help you get the best possible solution to restore it quickly without any further damage in future. The experts of the demolition companies in Calgary will undergo a series of tests to assess the rigorousness and cost and finally lay out a strategy to undergo to cover all the damage.

There are many things you need to know before starting your residential painting.

Once you are done with the entire damage repair of your house by taking services of any demolition companies in Calgary, the process of assessment starts with the residential painting task

Lets breakdown our services into two categories

Interior painting

Exterior painting

No matter which one you want to give a go, it will cost you an arm and a leg. It’s not an easy task to choose the right combination of paint, so, it’s better to ask for professional painters who have all the right skill and techniques to choose what is the best fit solution for your house remodeling. I would recommend not doing this by your own self because only the professional knows the pros and cons of the specific and lifelong paint finish.

Now look at our steps to be followed to start your journey of residential painting.

Always look out for an expert capable of delivering the task according to your high-end needs, who best recognize your desire and comfort zone as your choice of colors for both interior and exterior side reflects your personality, style, and distinctiveness.

When you have decided the paint colors, the next step follows selecting the best affordable brand. You should go for paint which are long lasting and does not fade away with age, to get a brand new look you should select a paint who smoothly applies both with a brush or hand roller without leaving the marks on the walls.

Which one to choose? Water-based or oil-based paint? My answer would be to choose the water-base paint as it easily applies and less sticky and gets dry instantly.

For woodwork and doors choose high-shine oil-base paints to give a smooth and shiny look.

Interior painting

Areas to be covered in the interior painting are

Kitchen colors:

This can be a mind-boggling task if you are trying to remodel your kitchen because the kitchen is the heart of the house and warm and welcoming colors would sit in. Try to use a combination of neutral to bold color like pink, and green. Grey and blue, these will add ample effects.

Living room

The living room is the main area where all the family members spend extra time, living room paint color reflects your family personality, it should not be old fashioned and a modern look will eventually lead to a happy mood. So, the color scheme should reflect relaxation, calm and togetherness.


When we talk about the bedroom color scheme, your favorite colors should promise a good sleep and fulfill your aesthetic needs.

Exterior paint

This is the most important part of our house remodeling, as it reflects one’s aesthetic and artistic sense. A good exterior paint will not only improve your house value but also work as a protecting shield of your house. Things to keep into mind while choosing the best exterior paint should be the best brand which provides modern high-end finish look and it should be weather resistant too, so it could not fade out with passage of time and deteriorate the overall look of the house.


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