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Plumbers are important tradespeople. Without the availability of high quality plumbers, a lot of homes would be left without functioning appliances. Plumbers will attend to a range of issues in the home, including blocked drains and toilets, fixing leaks and repairing broken fixings. Aside from this, plumbers have a lot of transferable skills which makes them suited to resolve a number of work related problems in the home. Depending on where you are in the UK, the price of hiring a plumber will vary. Location as well as the scale of the work is a contributory factor, plus the day and time. Unsociable hours, for example, demand a higher rate. Today we are going to explore plumber rates in London in comparison to the rest of the UK.

The Average Cost of a Plumber in the UK

If you have ever needed to hire a problem, you will appreciate the confusion that pricing can cause. There is not one fixed, definitive price for plumbing services. Rather, different companies and tradespeople will charge differently based on the scale of the job, location, the day the work needs to be completed and other factors. Emergency work, for example, is said to cost as much as twice the usual hourly rate. The cost also fluctuates based on the work. If you require a plumber to examine and fix a leaking tap, this is likely to be an inexpensive fix. If you require extensive work (your whole house is flooded say) then this is likely to cost a lot more.

With so many contributing factors, determining the average price of a plumber in the UK is challenging. If you search around enough however, you can begin to collate some figures that represent an average. Across the UK, you are likely to be charged between £40-60 an hour on average. Day rates tend to sit between £320 to £390, whilst emergency callouts demand twice as much as the usual hourly rate. You are looking at an average of £110 for an emergency callout, with an additional amount required for any work completed. These figures are not definitive, and these are based on research from a few online sources. As with any tradespeople, it is always better to source a few options and ring them. They will be able to talk you through their services and, most of the time, will strive to come to a solution that suits you both. This will involve quoting work competitively if you can both find some common ground.

Average Plumber Rates in London

The cost to hire a plumber in London is more expensive in comparison to other parts of the UK. Even plumbers in St Albans, that are situated only an hour and a half away, will charge considerably less than those in London. But why is this? London is the cultural and economic centre of the UK. With it having the highest population density, more people require work. The demand for plumbing essentially increases the price, with the number of people seeking work outweighing the number of plumbers. In London, you are looking at a day rate which is closer to £520. The first hour of a callout is likely to cost around £90, with subsequent hours costing around the £50 mark. If this is on a Saturday or a Sunday, it is likely to be even more expensive.

The Cost of Specific Plumbing Jobs

In some cases, your plumber will work on a project to project basis. What we mean by this is, they may quote you for the job as a whole rather than charging a day rate or hourly rate. If you require a leaking pipe to be fixed, for example, they may not be interested in creating a comprehensive quote for the work. They will have experience with the job, and they will be able to offer a flat rate for work. Some common prices for plumbing related work include: 

  • Toilet unblocking (Between £75 and £150)
  • Installing a radiator (Between £150 and £180)
  • Fixing a leak (Between £70 and £120)
  • Repair a burst water pipe (Between £50 and £140)

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