What Are The Main Different Types Of Commercial Air Conditioners?

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There are some myths surrounding software companies in Bangalore and the world. If you ask a layman to describe a software company, he will tell you that the environment is so cold that it resembles Antartica. In fact, he is referring to the air-conditioners in the office. It is a myth that every software company in any part of the world will have an air conditioner. But, it is also a fact that majority of these companies have air conditioners installed in their offices. So, what is the main reason that an air conditioner is required?

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The reasons are given below

Have you ever compared the human body to an engine? After the human body consumes food, a lot of energy is generated, part of which is used for performing physical and mental activity. The rest is used to generate heat in the body. Thus, a lot of human bodies can generate heat in the room. So air conditioners are installed in offices to normalize the temperature.

Electronic Appliances:In every room of the software company, there will be one or numerous electronic appliances. In the canteen you have the microwave oven, and in the restroom, you may see a small geyser. Oh, we have missed the coffee maker, tube lights etc. Don’t you think that these appliances do not generate heat? They do, and it can lead to low quantity of air inside the room.

If you have stepped into many software companies or start-ups in Bangalore, you will be surprised to see air conditioners installed in many of them. Right from small television shops to large office buildings and parks, you can find the air conditioners. But their requirements will be different. So the manufacturing companies of air conditioners have come up with various heating, cooling capacities for various environments.You can find variable combinations, but mainly the commercial air conditioning types are –

  • Single Split System
  • Multi-Split System
  • VRF/VRV System

The main types may be three, but please note they use the common technology and come across as identical wall/ceiling mounted units. Because of their applications, it is necessary to find the type that suits your office more.

  1. Split System

 As the name conveys, this type is considered the affordable type suitable for small businesses and commercial buildings. They can provide heating/cooling options to every room. So, now you know the type of air conditioning used in cafes, small offices, server rooms and shops.

single split system airconditioner
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Have you expanded your office team to more members and added additional infrastructure? No problem. The single split system can be used in combination for serving multiple rooms and large spaces. The prices are affordable, but the system is effective and efficient.

  1. Multi-Split System

It works on a similar way to single splits, but as per the name, if you have an office of nine indoor units, you can have one outdoor unit. Large corporations and offices follow this type of system to preserve the exterior appearance of their building. So, this type has one distinct advantage compared to many split systems.

multi split system air conditioner
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But when it comes to installation, multi-split systems are complex. In fact, they need more pipework when compared to numerous single splits. You can incur more expense and the duration for installation can take longer periods. Please note, the duration and expense will also depend on the building layout and also the requirement of heating/cooling capacity.

3. VRF/VRV Air Conditioning

Want to know the full form of these words. VRF, expanded, means variable refrigerant flow. The expansion of VRV comes to variable refrigerant volume. At first sight, they may look confusing, but both convey the same meaning. The term VRV was protected by the developer, so other manufacturers coined a different term VTF.

In comparison to the two types mentioned in this article, the VRF/VRV air conditioning is considered the best solution for medium and large scale businesses ranging from hotels and retail spaces.

vrv-air-conditioning system
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The systems are found to be reliable, easy to control and can effectively/efficiently meet the cooling and heating requirements. They can also be installed at short duration.

Another advantage, is these systems can provide heating as well cooling to various areas at the same. This holds good for buildings with multiple offices and private rooms.


So have you got information on the various types of Air Conditioning Installations in Coventry.  This electronic appliance provides relief during the summer. But in an unfortunate situation, if the appliances goes kaput, what will you do in the red hot summer? For a software company in Bangalore or any part of the world, completing the projects as per the deadline generates revenue. So, under unfavorable conditions, the productivity will become low. So, it is vital that the air conditioning problem should be resolved.

Honestly, it is easy to resolve the problem. You need a air conditioning repair expert. There are so many home maintenance companies  who provide the best top quality services, including AC repair in Bangalore right at the customer’s doorstep. It is also very easy to place a request. All these companies have apps with simple features. They can be easily downloaded and installed in the mobile to book a service. So, to book the AC repair service, search for the specific category and place a request as per your convenience. You will get a call before the scheduled date to discuss the requirement. On the particular date, the concerned professional will come to your house, conduct an inspection and submit a quotation. On your approval, he will start work and bring the appliance back to normal. An easy way to hire the best ac repair professional in Bangalore. You can book the service from the comfort of your home, any time.

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