Kitchen Cabinets Replacement and Refinishing

Kitchen Cabinets Replacement and Refinishing

Kitchen Cabinets Replacement and Refinishing

Renovating the kitchen is one of the most awaited home improvements for a homeowner. The mind-boggling figures usually set a person off-balance at first, but once you get deep into how it works, it starts unwinding easily.

The biggest problem found in most old kitchens is the over-aged cabinets. Warped edges, signs of water damage, and mold make you think twice before storing any of your utensils or food items in them. The Kitchen cabinets and refinishing experts in Tucker GA say that once you see these signs, there is no other option than to replace or immediate repaint.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets for Replacement 

The longer you wait for the problem, the more spread out it’s going to be and hence the greater inconvenience. 

The old cabinets don’t need to be out of shape and damaged for you to be tempted towards installing new ones. Could be you aren’t happy with the current design or storage. If you’ve been complaining about the lack of storage space in your kitchen for long enough than replacing them is the only way.

To make the decision of installing new cabinets easier for you, here are some common storage cabinet types that you should always be looking for.

Overhead Cabinets

Overhead Cabinets

These are one of the most common types of cabinets that you will find in almost every kitchen. The problem with some traditional overhead cabinets is that either the top shelf is too high up for reach, or doesn’t have one altogether. 

Choosing a design that matches your height and has enough shelves to help you keep your cutlery/utensils safe within reach will increase your comfort while cooking and working around the kitchen.

The siding replacement is a must when installing an overhead cabinet range, also you want to have the entire back area sealed for waterproofing. Overhead cabinets can be large storage spaces for food items that don’t require refrigeration, cutlery, and utensils. 

Under The Counter Cabinets

Most new constructions make sure that they have these included in the kitchen since the beginning, but the older houses do lack these important portions of the kitchen. Under-the-counter cabinets play a major role in keeping your appliances like the washer or a dishwasher out of plain sight.

If your overhead cabinets are spacious enough to house most of your daily need items, you can make good use of these lower cabinet ranges.

Hiding the bin in the cabinets under the sink, dishwasher, and even a washing machine in these will give your kitchen a much cleaner and more compact appeal. Some of these lower cabinets can also be used to keep cleaning agents and detergents that you get use, also pans, cooking, and baking sheets.

Vertical Cabinets

Vertical Cabinets

Vertical cabinets are a real game-changer when it comes to increasing the utility of your kitchen and making them more aesthetically appealing. You cannot install these in spaces where there are counters, so the entryway into the kitchen or the surrounding parts of an oven is going to be ideal.

Unlike the already mentioned types of cabinets, these are mostly for storing detergents, mops, broom, and other of your cleaning equipment. Enough vertical cabinets act as a mini-storage room in your kitchen where you can keep all of your tools and equipment that would not look good otherwise.

Every kitchen might not have a pre-designated space for this style of cabinets so you need to consult your contractor before you go out purchasing them.

Kitchen Cabinets Repairing

While putting such huge chunks of money into a part of your kitchen, you need to differentiate between the need for new cabinets altogether or simply repairing and refinishing the old ones. If you have cabinets installed that are of a good quality of wood like oak, then refinishing is what you should always go with.

A typical cabinets replacement can cost you anywhere between $2000-$5000, but you can get off the hook with as little as $500 with refinishing. Here are some of the reasons why must always consider refinishing your kitchen cabinets before hiring a contractor for replacement.

Much Cheaper

Much Cheaper

Now cheaper may not always be good, but neither would expensive be. If the problem that you have with your old cabinets is the lack of storage space then refinishing them would only delay the inconvenience that you have at hand.

But if it is only the color that has faded, some chipped edges, and hanging doors then repairing and refinishing may be the best thing you can do. Not only will you get a completely new look for your kitchen cabinets without the faults but you will get it at a tenth of the price of replacement, and that is something!

Less Time Required 

As attractive the option of replacing your kitchen cabinets may be, it requires a lot of time and effort other than the heavy investment. You will only be required a day of your week for the professionals to have your kitchen in tip-top condition all over again. 

Cabinets painting, buffing, and re-screwing are the highlights of a kitchen cabinets restoration. You may also need a siding repair or a new siding installation, depending on the current condition of the cabinets. But in no way would you the complete re-framing and measuring of the entire kitchen to install a new range.

Retain the Original Look of Your Kitchen

The true beauty of a kitchen is the one that you get used to. You may have put together a lot of work and money into getting the set of cabinets that you have in your kitchen, which is why saying goodbye to them can be a hard spot to be in.

Kitchen cabinets repair and refinishing promises to revive the original appeal of the cabinets to just the way they were. You get to retain the original appeal and look of the cabinets that you had chosen many years ago.

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