How to Stop Habits that Cause Crooked Teeth

How to Stop Habits that Cause Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are bad for your dental health. Since they indicate a disturbance with the natural dental alignment, you should not allow the problem to stay else it could pose further risks to your teeth and gums. It does not matter what caused alignment issues, there are treatment available to get timely relief. Crooked teeth may either be due to some bad habits or accident, but in all the cases, they are entirely treatable. Braces are there for help, so do aligners to get your teeth back into their right structure. So, the focus should be on getting rid of these bad habits so that you can get rid of dental alignment issues easily

How to Stop Habits that Cause Crooked Teeth
Crooked Teeth

Here are ways to stop habits that cause crooked teeth –

  1. Bruxism

Chronic teeth grinding, or bruxism could cause a variety of dental problems including crooked teeth. Surprisingly, most people who grind their teeth are not even aware of that habit simply because they do during sleep. Since teeth grinding in most cases is done unconsciously, the affected people are bound to feel ignorant of the problem.

If you want to fix your dental alignment issue, quit the habit of bruxism and wait for the good results. There is treatment as well for those not able to get over the habit where the dentist may recommend wearing a custom mouth guard for a period of time (during sleep).

  1. Thumb-sucking

Thumb sucking may not appear a bad habit from the outside, but it has serious implications for dental health. It could eventually lead to crooked teeth, and tooth decay in extreme cases as well. Worse still, it could even affect the bite and disturb chewing ability and dental functionality. Clearly, it’s fraught with risks to your dental health and you should quit the habit.

More so, children are not alone suffering from the habit of thumb sucking as some adults too can be found under the grip of this problem. As parent, your goal should be on keeping the thumb-sucking child distracted for most of time. It will gradually help them chuck the habit.

  1. Using teeth for wrong purposes

Our teeth are meant for eating and chewing. When you use them for purposes entirely unrelated to their use, it may cause harm to them. For example, some people use teeth to uncork bottles which can cause crooked teeth. Some even rip apart packages using their teeth which is also bad.

Your teeth enamel is soft, and it might break when teeth are not used properly. Even chewing on ice could damage tooth enamel and cause erosion. If you want to avoid the risk of misalignment, it’s better to never use teeth for purposes other than chewing and eating foods.

  1. Sleeping on your stomach

Not sleeping right could also cause alignment concerns over time. If you have the habit of sleeping on the stomachs, it could lead to crooked teeth and other facial issues with time. Such a sleeping much there will be too much force on the teeth and jaw leading to alignment issues gradually.

Even if braces and aligners are there for fixing alignment concerns, it’s always better to sleep right and not harm your teeth. You can easily afford teeth braces price, but the point is to follow good habits so that you could maintain your oral habit. If your sleep habit is not good, it’s better to consult the dentist and seek help in this regard.

Clearly, your habits can cause crooked teeth and it’s recommended to follow right oral care and be on the right side of your oral health forever.

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