How to make your house move as easy as possible

house move as easy as possible

house move as easy as possible

When you move your house to a new place, you are excited about it, but it may also feel daunting to think about how to relocate your entire home safely. It is really a matter of concern about your stuff of different types and some delicate articles you want to move safely.  You just need to think in the right direction and make a list of steps to follow during the move.

Some important guidelines to move your house easily:

Below are some of the important things you can follow.

Find a professional house moving company.

To save yourself time you should consider looking for a professional house moving company at least 2 weeks before your move. There are many websites which can compare different moving companies in one go, read the reviews of these services and individual companies and decide which removal company is best to move your house with. Before hiring them, agree on the cost of the move first and make sure they state out any extra surcharges which may apply.

Organize your stuff accordingly.

First of all, look around you and categorize the stuff like clothes, shoes, books, cosmetics, and kitchen utensils. Separate dirty and clean clothes. Similarly, categorize your books as daily reading books and course books. Do the same thing with other things.

Donate your unwanted items.

The things you do not want to take with you should be donated. Unwanted and unused things will be an unnecessary burden to carry to your new home. Donate the things which are in good condition and can be used again. If they are not in good condition you should discard them. It is much better ecologically to donate usable items someone who can put it to good use. Contact the nearest charity or thrift shop to see if they are willing to accept your items.

Wrap drawers and cupboards with bubble wraps or parcel paper.

Instead of removing your clothes, jewelry and other things from drawers and cupboards you should wrap them with bubble wrap or parcel paper.

  • Bubble wraps and parcel paper can easily be found in stationary shops or post office, you can also use scotch tape to stick the wraps securely on your item.
  • Secure the drawers and doors with strong tape and wrap the whole furniture with bubble wrap to avoid any accidents during the move.
  • Avoid unnecessary damage to your furniture by protecting it for your move.

Keep the original packaging of your electrical appliances.

Electrical appliances such as your television, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners, etc. are some of the most expensive items in your home. If possible, keep your home original packing boxes in a folded flat state so that you have the boxes which are suitable for moving your appliance ready without the need to buy new boxes for the move.

Schedule to disconnect your utilities.

Notify the gas, electricity, cable, and internet provider about your leaving schedule and ask them to disconnect the connections. If you are happy with your current provider you may opt to move the connection to the new property, review your bank account if you pay by direct debit to ensure you have every utility moved or disconnected before your move.

Selection of boxes and bags packing.

When you are packing your stuff, you need to be very careful about which type of things you are packing in which box. Kitchen utensils need to be packed very carefully as they can damage delicate things like plates, glasses, etc. sharp items can also tear the protective packaging. 

Labeling of each packaging

Label each box with a name and number that will help you to keep track of them. It will also be helpful when you unpack the boxes in the new house. You will not have to worry about which box is containing which stuff. You will just read the labeling and find the stuff to keep in the kitchen, in your bedroom, and in the drawing-room.

Arrange transport

The most important step is to arrange transport which will be suitable for your household things specially to transfer your furniture and heavy electronics. You should arrange it for at least 3 days to move.

Final Thoughts:

So, the above guide will surely help you move your house in an easy and quick way. Follow the above tips if you are confused about moving to a new house.

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