How To Make Money Writing Articles

Being a successful writer does not mean you have to write the next great American novel. In fact, there are lots of simple ways to get payed as a writer.You don’t have to be overly eloquent or possess perfect grammar or spelling skills. However, having those skills are admittedly helpful. The true skill is being able to communicate your thoughts using the written word in a way that inspires and entertains. If you can do that, the other issues can be delt with easily. I will be outlining in this article three ways you can profit using your writing skills.

Create A Niche Based Blog

 I personally like writing a blog because I can use my skills as a writer to get paid over and over for something that I have written just once. That is what a blog can do for you. When you create a niche based blog you are creating a website that addresses a specific topic that you have interest in. If you do your research right, that interest will be shared by thousands of people. Those people that have that same interest will eventually find your blog through the search engines. More or less people will come to your blog based on the amount of content you create and the quality of content you write. How do you get paid you ask? Very simply I answer. Google! Google has a program called Adsense. It allows you to put ads on your website that are sponsored by Google. Every Time someone clicks on those ads, you get paid. Google’s ad code is sophisticated enough to put ads on your pages that correspond with your content. So you get paid over and over for whatever you write just once. Sounds pretty good huh?

Write For Other Bloggers

Many successful blogs are not written by just one person. Blog owners know that content is king. So many bloggers pay writers to write articles that are based specific keywords and topics that the blog owner is trying to capitalize on. Writers are paid on a per article basis. The amount of money you get paid can range from $15 to $50 depending on the owner. It is not enough to make you rich but it does help you pay the bills.

Write Private Label Rights Ebooks

Many writers will write ebooks and then sell them to marketers to distribute. The marketers will buy the ebooks from the author and put their own names and titles. They will market the ebooks via their own websites or use other affiliate sites like Amazon or Clickbank. This can be a great way to make money especially if you have built a solid reputation as a ghost writer.


So there you have it! Three simple ways to make money writing articles.Hope you found some inspiration and gained some perspective.

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