How to get rid of large pores?

How to get rid of large pores

There are small openings in your skin which release oils and sweat are called as pores. Acne, sun damage, noncomedogenic makeup and increased sebum production (which causes oily skin) can be the main factors make the pores look larger than normal. You feel bothersome because of the large pores that appear on your face skin and cannot disappear? But actually, you are able to make them look smaller. You are wondering how to get rid of large pores? Therefore, you can find out the answer to that question by the below.

How to get rid of large pores

  1.     Change your products of skin care:

You have used one kind of skincare for a long time because you think it is the only product that is suitable for you? Actually, your skin can be irritated if you have used any products designed to clear excess sebum and acne with long-term use.These products have the effect of removing the top layers of your skin by using active ingredients such as salicylic acid. Your skin will be dry, and the pores look smaller in short-term use, but that is the main reason for increasing sebum production by sebaceous glands to replenish the lost moisture. The consequence is your oily skin comes back.

Changing the skin care products is the optimal measure to avoid this.Try using the products for a few week deep-cleaning facial scrubs, oil-based masks, astringents. Remember that those products are water-based or noncomedogenic because oil-based or comedogenic can make your pores larger if you have oily skin.

  1.     Choose suitable cleansers:

The best cleanser can help you to eliminate excess oil and dirt without completely stripping the skin of moisture. If you have an oily skin with large pores, a gel-based cleanser can be a good choice. Others with normal or dry skin can look for effectiveness from creamy cleansers. Keeping off the cleansers that contain scrubbing agents or soap in its ingredients whether what types of skin you have if you do not want your pores looking bigger.

  1.     Use sunscreen

Expose too much sun is not only can increase the risk of cancer and wrinkles, make your skin dry but it also leads to large pores. Using a sunscreen product with an SPF to apply it about 15 minutes before you go outside and repeat at least 30 days. You should also avoid exposing the time from 10 am to 4 pm or wearing a broad-brimmed hat to head outside.

  1.     Do not forget to remove makeup before sleeping.

Go to bed with makeup on overnight can make the cosmetics combine with oil, dirt, and bacterium to clog your pores. Your pores certainly look larger when you wake up in the next day. Remove your makeup at night before sleeping is very important so do not forget it even though how tired you are.

  1.     Using moisturizing products.

Most of the people who have oily skin are afraid of moisturizer for skin because they think that action means creating more oil to their face. As a result, they skipped it. Actually, your natural sebum will penetrate into your skin in the deeper layers by the moisturizing products. it helps to decrease oil on your skin and improve your condition more effectively. Moreover, the oiliness might appear more in your face and make the pores look larger without moisturizing.

  1.     Try spot treating with a clay mask.

Have you ever heard that clay masks can make your pores look smaller? Absolutely, a clay mask is good at removing dirt, oil, and also dead skin that hide deeply on your skin. It gently and quickly takes away the oiliness of blocked pores and helps you have a smooth skin. The clay mask has good efficient if you use once or twice on the different days of a week. A small note is that do not do that on the same day with exfoliation because of avoiding irritation.

  1. Eat healthy foods.

Your skin also is affected by the foods that you eat. The foods that rich in fat and with unhealthy oil like fast foods can clog your pores and make it looks bigger. Try changing your daily diet with low-fat foods, more fruit, vegetables to provide more vitamin, nutrients if you want to have a healthy skin and small pores.

Having a skin with many large pores truly is a nightmare with many people, especially girls. note all the tips above into your small notebook and perform it if the large pores are annoying you but do not forget the doctors if your condition is not improved. Hope this article is helpful for you to find out the answer to “how to get rid of large pores?“.


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