How to Find Luxury White Light Yacht with Affordable Price

How to Find Luxury White Light Yacht with Affordable Price

When we think of luxury cruises, the first thing that comes to our mind is a price beyond our reach. However, if you are ready to go for a no-frills cruise, you can go for your dream vacation on White Light yachts from Newport Beach rentals. We share the secrets of enjoying your White Light yacht cruise through Newport Yacht rentals at a price that is well within your budget:

How to Find Luxury White Light Yacht with Affordable Price

  • Where do you want to go?

The choice of your destination will decide what you finally have to pay. If you choose a Caribbean cruise, there will be substantial savings. So before you book a White light yacht from Newport Beach rentals, find out online which destinations are value for money.

  • How many members will be going with you?

It is important to ascertain how many people will be with you on the cruise. A White Light yacht can accommodate up to 49 passengers.  So if the number of people is close to capacity, then the cost of the cruise per head can come down to $2000 to $2500 per head.

  • What does your charter fee include?

There are certain fixed expenses that are part of your charter fee like:

  1. Crew Fee: The fee to be paid to the captain, chief engineer, chef and so on.
  2. Insurance: The yacht is insured for any damages and this is part of the total charter fee.
  • Boat: The cost of the yacht including the wear and tear is also part of the price you pay.

Variable expenses of the charter fee:

  1. Fuel: The fuel charges will depend on your choice of destination. There are certain destinations like the Caribbean islands where fuel charges are really low.
  2. Port charges: Port charges vary from destination to destination and they are low for destinations like the Caribbean.
  • Immigration taxes: These taxes vary destination wise and will make a difference to your charter fee.
  1. Extra facilities: The White Light Yacht comes with twin kayaks for those seeking adventure. However, if you are looking for extra water toys, then this adds to your total fee. There are some exceptions like the Caribbean where the water toys are factored into the total fare.
  2. Additional costs: Don’t forget the cleaning charges, ice, water, hand-held navigation as well as transportation charges of the yacht.
  3. Provisions: It is advisable to buy your own provisions as well as alcohol because it would be much more expensive if you were to order it on board.

These additional expenses account for 30% to 35% of the charter fee so they can’t be ignored.

  • When are you sailing?
  1. Off-season discounts: The time of the year you have decided to go on a cruise has an impact on the total fare. During the off-season, which starts after the peak season, you can not only avail of heavily discounted rates but also the destinations are less crowded. So before you book a yacht, find out the discounts offered by charter broker for various locations it covers.
  2. Advance booking: Irrespective of the time of the year you decide to go on a cruise, you need to zero in on your destination including expenses 3 to 6 months in advance. This too will ensure major savings as far as your charter fee is concerned.

It is therefore abundantly clear that a cruise on a White Light Yacht needs careful planning. Your planning must start with getting in touch with the right charter broker who will give you a wide variety of destinations to choose from after understanding your preferences. All the costs involved including discounts available must be clearly discussed so that you know what you’re paying for. Your cruise on a White Light yacht can then be affordable.

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