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any people have jumped aboard the Affiliate Marketing bandwagon. The positive and attractive thing that drew me to Affiliate marketing is that it allows you to work for yourself and at your own pace. Success in business doesn’t happen overnight. It still takes many late hours of hard work and effort to get your affiliate marketing scheme up and running. If you are persistent, determined and willing to give it your all, affiliate marketing could be a life changing career opportunity for you.

affliate marketing


To become the super affiliate, you should first decide for yourself what being a “super affiliate” means to you. Most people will tell you that you should follow the advice of other successful affiliates and that is PARTIALLY true. My advice is to find someone who is successful that is of like mind. Not everyone that is successful at making money is the person that you want to emulate. I have met my share of people who are VERY successful at what they do only because they are good at copying someone else. Many people are short sighted and only think of their own needs. In sales, if you want a long and prosperous career you can’t afford to be that selfish. You have to think of the needs of the people that you will be working with rather they ever see your face or not.


If you know full well that you would not purchase the products that you are selling then why are you trying to market them? There are far too many affiliate marketing programs and products to ever get stuck selling products and services that you do not agree with or believe in. I have found that I can market things that I believe in far more effective if I actually believe in them because I have taken the time to learn something about them. I know the pros and the cons to having them and can pass that along to anyone that I am trying to market them to.


Many of you are like me. You started off with a blog that you would simply like to monetize but you are confused by all of the “experts” telling you that you need a “niche”. I am going to go out on a limb here and encourage you to create your own niche. Who says that you can’t make money doing that? Many of the popular niches that are in existence are because someone MADE it popular.

If you know that you want to market only say, gardening tools, then that is your niche. However, if you are a housewife that has a blog about kids, education, alternative energy and you like blogging about those things don’t stop doing that just because someone told you that it is not an acceptable niche. Create blog posts and articles that fit what you are marketing into what you would blog about. Remember, if you are new or had a personal blog that wasn’t very present on the web then your first concern is going to be building a web presence for yourself. Be Unique. Be yourself.


Even if you have a budget that allows you to pay someone to do your marketing for you. I would advise you to learn as much about how to market your business yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in supporting the economy by paying those who are experts in their crafts to do them; however, this is YOUR business. Most of the people that get involved in affiliate marketing are doing so because they NEED money and do not have a lot to spare. So learn how to make manual backlinks, using social media properly and website submission for yourself.


What is trendy today is not guaranteed to be trendy tomorrow. I would say if you know something about a particular trend and you are interested in following it. Do what works for you. However, if you are new to affiliate marketing and you think that you can make a quick buck by following the latest trend I personally would not advise that.


I believe in this with all of my heart. If you are going to get into affiliate marketing ONLY to make money and you start choosing products and services based solely on money making potential then you are headed towards working another job that you will grow to hate. I believe that doing what you love will guide you to choose products and services that you have bought or would buy if you could. I do believe that if you promote with that kind of sincerity, that there is no way that you can fail. Enjoy what you are doing. Try to do new things. Take chances that you otherwise wouldn’t take. Remember the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

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