Does Fat Freezing Really Work For Losing Fat

Have you been trying to get rid of those few pounds? Have exercise and diet changes failed miserably? Are you still waiting to see the results that you so desire? Well, there are other methods to ensure a curvaceous hourglass figure and maintain it too. Not sure what is being talked about? Simply put, fad diets and vigorous exercise routines are not the only way to reduce inches and get rid of fat.

Does Fat Freezing Really Work For Losing Fat
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Ever heard of fat freezing or CoolSculpting? It is a new and popular method that even celebrities are opting for as the results are lasting and the process is simple. If you have never heard of fat freezing, then here is all the information you need.

What is Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing or cryolipolysis is a process in which fat is frozen to help get rid of it. Interestingly, the procedure first came into being when doctors saw that children who consumed a lot of ice popsicles would lose fat cells in their cheeks. This made them realize that the fat cells in the human body are temperature-sensitive and they die when exposed to extreme cold.

Hence fat freezing originated. Popularly known as CoolSculpting, it has been approved by the FDA. The process is non-invasive and gives great results for everyone who goes through it. This is why many celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Gemma Collins, Antony Costa, and Ferne McCann can’t stop talking about it.

Interestingly, every major city has clinics that offer CoolSculpting Indianapolis, and other, you name it. You can easily get an evaluation done.

So what happens when you go for CoolSculpting? There is no need for any kind of surgery. An expert will determine the places where you want to get fat frozen off. CoolSculpting can get rid of belly fat, extra fat on the flanks, inner thighs, outer thighs, upper arms, back and on the neck region. The process takes anywhere from 35 to 75 minutes depending on the quantity of fat and the treated area.

Once the target cells have been determined, they are exposed to freezing temperatures. The fat cells die and are released from the body over a period of few weeks. The results become apparent in about three weeks and you see inches getting reduced significantly. Sometimes the full effect is visible after 2 months.

CoolSculpting is safe and pain-free. It may have minor side effects like redness, swelling or such but these side effects disappear within a few days. Your doctor or expert will inform you about them beforehand. A person who gets the procedure done can resume normal activity the same day.

Does it Actually Work?

The question is, does the process work? Will you be able to get rid of the weight you have been trying to for the longest time? The answer is, yes. Fat freezing works and pretty well too. But the one thing you need to keep in mind that it works for a few pounds only. If you are obese or excessively overweight, then it might not be the right choice for you.

To get rid of morbidly extra weight, you will first have to go through some diet and exercise regime. Once the excessive weight is off, then the doctor will consider you for CoolSculpting. Fat freezing targets problem areas like the belly fat, upper arms, thighs etc. but it won’t work for extra fat all over the body. It is best for weight loss of some extra pounds and helps in attaining a perfect hourglass figure.

So yes, fat freezing works, but you need to be on a normal weight or at least within the right BMI.

Are You an Eligible Candidate?

So long as you want to get rid of weight from selected problem areas, do not suffer from any kind of serious medical condition, are not pregnant or breastfeeding, and are not on any kind of heavy medication, you can get CoolSculpting done.

Keep in mind that only an expert after meeting with you will best be able to tell you whether you are eligible for fat freezing. So the first thing you need to do is to get in touch with an expert. They will inform you if fat freezing will work for you or not. They will also be able to guide you on how much the process will cost for you.

CoolSculpting for a Fit Body

There are quite a few ‘fat freezing’ procedures and treatments in the market, but CoolSculpting is the only one that has been cleared by FDA and endorsed by celebrity figures. The process is safe, takes little time and gives results that are guaranteed to last forever.

Of course, you can’t continue to consume junk, sit on the couch without moving a muscle and then expect not to regain fat. But the fat cells that have been frozen by CoolSculpting will never return. To ensure you do not regain weight and maintain your figure, you will need to remain on a healthy diet and workout regularly. Otherwise, the fat cells will accumulate again and your procedure will go to waste.

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