Dental Hygiene Tips for Your Beautiful Smile

Dental Hygiene Tips for Your Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile can work wonders and makes a person very attractive, confident and uplifts moods. However a bad smile due to broken teeth, stained teeth or crooked teeth can make a person embarrassed and even ashamed. However, a beautiful smile does not occur naturally. It requires one to maintain a good oral hygiene.

Dental Hygiene Tips for Your Beautiful Smile

Good oral hygiene to follow

Regular Brushing

Every day brushing both in the morning and night is vital to preserve your smile. Brushing properly by placing the brush at 45 degrees angle on the outer surfaces of the teeth and also the inside surfaces of the teeth in back and forth motion, up and down motion. Brushing twice daily prevents acid buidup caused by bacteria.


Floss daily to remove the plaque between teeth and from the gumlines. Regular flossing prevents tooth decay and gingivitis.

Whiten your teeth

Stains in the teeth are caused by drinking tea, coffee, consuming tobacco or wine and also due to medications, injury or infection. Visit your dentist for teeth whitening treatments.

Eat right

In order to have strong teeth, eat plenty of milk, cheese, raw vegetables. Daily intake of nuts helps to supply nutrients for the repair of tooth enamel. Avoid candies, sodas, soft drinks and drink alcohol in moderation. Calcium Intake is needed for healthy bones and teeth. Yoghurt, broccoli, milk, cheese, fortified orange juice are good sources of calcium.Prevent tooth decay by avoiding sugary foods.

Give up smoking

To prevent gum disease and oral cancer, you must quit smoking. Tobacco produces an unsightly shade of yellow on your teeth. It also creates a good environment for bacteria to thrive and leads to plague formation on the gum line and on your teeth. This creates harms the tissue and degrade the bone that supports the teeth and eventually increases the risk of loss of teeth. The chemicals in tobacco cause oral cancer.

Upgrade old fillings

Usually fillings wear out in  5-15 years and when you smile or laugh or open your mouth, they appear less attractive.  Visit your dentist to get a new upgrade as now most dentists fill cavities with materials of your teeth color and they also bond to the teeth better.

Freshen bad breath

Clean your tongue daily as bacteria on the tongue can cause bad breath and affect dental health. Use a tongue cleaner to get rid of accumulated bacteria. Use Listerine for a good refreshing breath.

Regular dental checkups

You must visit your dentist twice a year for deep cleanings, to check for cavities, and other dental problems. If you have any problems like toothache or jaw pain, visit your dentist immediately.

Consider cosmetic fixes – Hollywood Smile Dubai

If you wish to have a smile makeover, there are latest cosmetic techniques available to get that perfect smile. Hollywood smile veneers help to correct a lot of cosmetic defects like crooked teeth, gaps, discoloured teeth and other dental irregularities. Hollywood smile enhances the beauty of your smile with veneers. If you consider a smile makeover, choose the best dental clinic in Dubai, who specialize in high quality dental veneers and one who is certified. You will get the smile you always dream it of.

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