Cool Props you can get for your Haldi Ceremony

A wedding is a lifetime event that you surely should not compromise in the decor of. One of the main events in the life of the wedding couple is the Haldi ceremony. It is also the one where you can have great fun photoshoot with different and unique props. In this article, we share with you the kind of props you can have in your ceremony or get inspiration from. Why? Because cliche photos are old school. Now is the time to know the trends and use them efficiently. If you live outside and have no idea how to realize this dream of yours, you can get in touch with an Indian wedding services provider to arrange and deliver all these to you!

Quirky signage boards

These are very commonly seen in weddings right now and people love to get pictures clicked with these. Here are some fun things you can write- ‘You think I’m cute, wait till you see my maasi!’, ‘I can’t keep calm, I’m getting married, ‘Haldi is a refined form of marination of chicken before roasting’ and many more can be used.

Vintage vehicles

You can use the scooters, cycles and vintage care at the photobooth of the ceremony to add the real desi touch. The bride and groom can have great pictures clicked with their friends’ group here.

Flaunt Kaleeras

Your accessories can be great props for your pictures, just remember to use them smartly and creatively. Try out different poses and click the pictures.

The footwear

Heels are painful, isn’t it? So when you wear them don’t let them hide and make them the centre of a few of your photos, you or your friends can even hold them in their hands while posing. The rule is to be creative and consider it a prop. If you want to have several varieties for this separately, you can tell your Indian wedding services provider.

The Lehenga

The bridal lehenga, before you wear it on the actual wedding can be used as a prop for all the functions before. You can take inspiration easily by searching for poses with it on Pinterest. For instance, you can pair your blouse with shorts.

Use flowers

On the Haldi and Mehendi day, you cannot say to flowers. Marigold is a given in Indian weddings but apart from that you other flowers to grace your photos and the decor.

Glares for the win

This trend is quite popular after the release of the ‘Kala Chashma ’ song. Now, what you need to do is to make yourself and the girls put their glares and bring that swag on.

Alcohol and you

Boys should never have all the fun! Get the bottles fake or original ones out and use them to click bold and beautiful pictures

Apart from this, you can also use smoke bombs, colorful ones, the pizza and other food props for the wedding. Remember to always ask for ideas and samples before you show your preferences to the Indian wedding services provider.

Let us know which prop are you excited to use?

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