Most common skin problems and solutions

Most common skin problems and solutions

Skin which is the outer most layer of the body that is faced with a lot of extraneous factors that can harm the skin health. However, it offers maximum protection to the body and the delicate organs under it. But when it is constantly exposed to chemicals, sunlight etc and man-made damages such as cuts, scrapes and scratches it is subjected to constant assault. Similarly, stress and anxiety are also considered as the factors from within that can affect your skin health. Let us consider a few common skin problems and how you can handle them.

Most common skin problems and solutions


It is one of the most common skin problems that men, as well as women, face.  Acne is almost like a pimple. But it is much more serious than a pimple. Acne is a disorder that will affect the functioning of the oil glands and hair follicles. It usually calms down and flares up from time to time. Hormonal changes during your teens, humidity, stress, heavy sweating, or taking medicines with steroids may be the cause of this problem. Find some great skin Care Tips at

Most common skin problems and solutions


Using 5 percent benzoyl peroxide skin wash to wash your face twice daily can do wonders


This is a skin injury that happens when you expose your skin to the sun for a long time.  Sunburn is usually intense in people with white skin and causes them to have a burn or blister since they lack the pigment melanin which protects the skin from the effects of the UV radiation from the sun. But with the temperatures reaching all-time high in most of the places in the World and depletion of the ozone layer, Sunburn has become a common phenomenon


The natural way to prevent sunburn is to keep yourself covered with a cloth when exposed to the sun and applying sunscreen lotions with SPF15-30. But if you already have a painful sunburn or anyother skin trauma, applying Vitamin E is an effective solution. Vitamin E will be available in the form of gel and you can rub it directly on to the sunburn.

Dark circles under the eye

Dark circles may be a result of stress and sleeplessness. It is an indicator of the unhealthy lifestyle you are leading. Sometimes it could also be an inherited trait.


Taking a nutritious diet with nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits, drinking plenty of water, exercising Sleeping well etc can help solve the problem but it definitely will take a long time.

Brown Spots

This is also called hyperpigmentation and is characterized by freckles the spots can appear on the face, back of hands and even chest. The common reason for the sunspots and freckles are sun-induced.


Wearing a sunscreen is the precaution. You can top it with a serum of Vitamin C. This should be followed with mineral powder for effectiveness. Applying creams that may contain Kojic acid, and alpha as well as beta hydroxy compounds, at night, are also remedies.

Perma Lines

Perma lines refer to the lines that may occur on the forehead and those between the eyebrows. These lines may also occur at the corners of the mouth when you smile too. The reason for this could be attributed to the effect of the UV rays as well as the wearing out of elastin that may happen in some due to repeated use.


Peptide creams and serums that are meant to strengthen the skin are the immediate solutions. These creams, as well as those with Salicylic acid, will be of help.  Enzyme facials can also be considered as ideal solutions

There are a lot of other skin problems and infections that need to be sorted out with care. But the solutions suggested cannot be considered as the only remedy. This is because each type of skin is different. It is better to opt for the solution after consulting your dermatologist.

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