5 Best Japanese Whisky for 2020 and Why they Are the Best?

Japanese Whisky

Let us have a look at the 5 Japanese whisky options for 2020. They are incredibly amazing. Furthermore, they are worthy enough to make your celebration time more exciting.

Do grab any of these delicious whiskies and share with us how they excite you and bring more magic in your celebration time! Have some handful amount of cash in your pocket and do taste some of the great and full of fun whiskies in your life.

1- Akashi White Oak 3 Years (Bourbon Cask)

Akashi White Oak 3 Years (Bourbon Cask)

Eigashima owns the White Oak distillery. They are into this whisky business for such a long time. But you will be surprised to know that they released their very first single malt in the year 2007.

Their whisky range is called with the name “Akashi”. You must try out this Japanese whisky version because this is the sole company that is all and better known for its blends.

It has got some intense flavors in it. Moreover, you will be noticing a non-chill kind of filtered expression in it. It comes with no coloring. For the reason that you should try having a single sip of this whisky.

2- Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu The Peated

Ichiro's Malt Chichibu The Peated

The whisky range Ichiro’s Malt, it is named right after Ichiro Akuto. Note down that he is the grandson of the founder and creator of Hanyu distillery.

In addition, you can call this whisky drink as one of the beautiful yet complex kinds of drinks.

You will feel and experience the flavors of sweet peat, citrusy and also vanilla, honey in it. Some traces of apricots, baked apples are incorporated in it too.

3- Hibiki 17 Years Miniature

Hibiki 17 Years Miniature

Hibiki 17 Years Miniature Japanese whisky is one of the extensively demanding whisky types. If you want to experience the harmony and synchronization of Japanese nature, then do try out this whisky.

It is embedded with all real craftsmanship.  All in all, this whisky is surrounded and fully embodied by the soul and mind of Japanese craftsmanship.

The minute you will get a single sip of it, you will feel and taste that harmonious blends. No doubt, this whisky is enriched with the elements of calm complexity.

All of its flavors are meticulously blended.

4- Fuji Gotemba Single Grain 25 Years Old Small Batch

Fuji Gotemba Single Grain 25 Years Old Small Batch

Fuji-Gotemba distillery is owned and run by Kirin Group. It was founded and came into being in 1972. You should try this whisky as it is marked as one of the maturing whisky.

If you are one of the grain whisky lovers, then this is the passionate drink type that you can try for once. Besides, it is enriched and packed with the exciting flavors of Butterscotch, vanilla, as well as cinnamon and peaches.

All well balanced and thoughtfully incorporated flavors are present in it. And you will get the taste of some floral tones, fruity and toffee.

Most importantly, it has won the World Whiskies Award 2016 and to World’s Best Grain Whisky International Spirits Challenge which happened in 2015.

5- Hakushu 12 Years

Hakushu 12 Years

Hakushu 12 year Japanese whisky flavors are quite intense and full of fun. You may experience the taste and scent of Sweet green leaves, white flowers, and syrup, vanilla in it.

Beyond, it is induced with a few of the traces of persimmon and nut as well. This is one of the popular whisky versions which belongs to the world of Japan as it is made by adding the elements of white pepper and grated ginger, woody spice.


So, what’s the bottom line? Top 5 Japanese whisky types are mentioned and suggested to you which you must try in 2020; If you have not still tasted these whiskies, then do not worry.

Simply take out your cash and celebrate this New Year 2020 of yours for one more time. The list of whiskies manufacturing and making in Japan, they are just endless. Try out the above-mentioned one and share your feedback with us.

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