An MBA from a Quality Business School Offers High ROI

An MBA degree from a well-established management institute is one of the most prestigious scrolls in India offering plethora of benefits like high social standing, good career progressions, attractive salary package and very sound return on investment (ROI). The demand for this professional degree which surprisingly is not more than 100 years old has reached unprecedented level in India. MBA graduates from top business schools are usually picked up from the institute’s campuses itself by top corporations operating in India and abroad. They are a prized asset in the job market and the companies are not averse to paying astronomical sums to hire their services. This being said, it is though, important to remember that an MBA degree is a dream come true only if you get it from a prestigious business school known for providing excellent management education.

An MBA degree on the other hand from an inferior institute is a disaster which could give frightening nightmares to you for the rest of your lives. Second-string business schools neither have the infrastructure or the desire to impart quality education, which is an exact match between the student’s objectives and the employee’s expectations.  They are just in the market to exploit the craze for a management degree in India. Their admission procedure is lax and the placement opportunities they offer are pretty pathetic. A degree obtained from a low quality business school does not command much respect in the job market. You would have to look for a job on your own, and you should consider yourself lucky if you get a decently paying job after graduating from poor quality management institute.  Top level business colleges or institutes on the other hand offer education that emphasises a global-centric approach to help students perform to their best in this era of globalisation and fast paced technological innovation.

There are many benefits of studying management in a reputable business school. First and foremost the reputation and trust enjoyed by the institute attracts large number of foreign students as well.  Students from different parts of the country studying in the institute get to interact with foreign students coming from different countries. A diverse culture as such witnessed in these top quality management schools plays a very important part in broadening the horizon of the students. They are exposed to different opinions and school of thoughts, and this encourages them to think from someone else’s perspective and value the opinions and suggestions of other even if they are different from their own. This helps them be a better manager and allows them to assimilate better in a business world marked by fast paced globalisation and constantly blurring boundaries.

Getting an MBA degree as such from good business school offering modern and relevant MBA courses in Mumbai or for that matter anywhere else in India could be your passport to the top. Good management institutes with their reputation, pedagogical excellence, state of the art infrastructure and world class faculty drawn from the best institutes in India and abroad provides valuable help in your quick ascend to the top.

Common aptitude test (CAT) is the most popular management competitive exam in India. Conducted by highly prestigious Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) for their post graduate program in management, CAT scores are also accepted by other top level management institutes in India. This is an extremely tough exam and you need to work extremely hard with tremendous amount of discipline and focus to score high and get admission in some of the best and most venerable management schools in India.

It is, however, very important to know that failure to score high in CAT should not deter you from getting an MBA degree and pursuing your dreams. There are many other top quality management institutes in India who accept scores of other popular exams like MAT (Management aptitude test). This test conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA) is held four times a year and there are over 200 hundred management institutes who accept its score. You can find some reputable management institutes who are offering MBA courses without CAT. You can work hard for your MAT exam to get in these institutes which are known for developing competent and capable managers.

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