8 Places Every Fashionista Need To Visit Once In Life

8 Places Every Fashionista Need To Visit Once In Life

8 Places Every Fashionista Need To Visit Once In Life

Being fashionable opens doors for so many adventures for you in life.

When you have a fair sense of fashion, you love to experiment with unique trends and soak up on knowledge about clothing, shoes, and accessories. Along with that, you learn to carry every kind of fashion elegantly. And last but not least, you travel for voguish satisfaction!

Being a fusion of a Wanderlust and a Fashionista is such a thrill. And if you are lucky enough to travel frequently, there are so many places around the world that can be a perfect spot for the fashion savvy.

Cities at the forefront of the fashion design scene have famous brands or various fantastic fashion stores and top-rated design schools, buzz-worthy fashion magazines, Instagram-worthy spots for photos, and particular street style.

Traveling to these places will give you a variety of shopping choices and a lot of inspiration from the regional street style so that you can up your fashion game.

All of these factors are like a magnet to someone who adores fashion and style. So the next time you are planning to travel, make sure you add the following destinations to the itinerary so that you can shop for high-quality fashion alongside having fun and food.

1 New York, USA

Carrie Bradshaw, the much-loved fashionista’s character from the series Sex and the City, once said that women come to NewYork for the two Ls- Labels and Love. And we can’t agree more!

IFDAQ’s Global Fashion and Luxury Cities Index rates New York as the leading fashion capital, as it is home to the world’s top fashion brandslike Ralph Lauren, Nike, and Calvin Klein that generate revenue in billions.

Seventh Avenue is considered the focal point of fashion in New York, where most sought-after retail brands reside. The fashion museum at The Costume Institute is also something that appeals to fashionistas from all over the world. New York also hosts a plethora of annual fashion trade fairs.

Along with all the things that a fashion-savvy person could dream about, New York has an abundance of recreational spaces and fantastic food that will make you want to come again and again to this wonderful city.

2 Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, whose glamour is one reason why Los Angeles is considered a famous destination when it comes to fashion. Hollywood requires fashion to set trends, and therefore the fashion diversity is quite massive in the city.

Whether you fancy an astonishing custom denim jacket or an alluring cocktail dress, the trendy fashion stores in LA must be your next shopping destination.

People from vast cultural backgrounds live and have their businesses in Los Angeles. This impacts its diversity, whether we talk about fashion trends, or cuisine, making Los Angeles an appealing destination for tourists.

3 Paris, France

The city of love? Yes, but Paris is much more a city that dictates the fashion horizon all over the world.

If you know even a bit about fashion, you must not have missed about Paris. The extravagant style revolution that Queen Marie Antoinette brought in France in the Eighteenth Century made Paris rule the world of fashion design.

Later, the Parisian haute couture was revived by the blossoming of luxury brands like Hermès, Coco Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent.

The adaptability and change of taste in fashion have kept Paris still among the world’s top fashion capitals.  The Paris Fashion Week decides what will be “in” and what is “out” for the next year.

You can shop from high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, and Lanvinthat are headquartered in Paris. As it is a beautiful cultural city, you can enjoy a lot of sight-seeing and walking along splendid trails.

4 London, UK

Fashionistas from all over the world visit Europe’s fashion hub. It is mainly known for fashionable clothing that is exquisitely tailored. UK’s famous brands Viviene Westwood, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, and Burberry, have their headquarters here.

London’s street style is very famous among those who truly love fashion. It has been an inspiration for fashionistas for decades, and the evolving fashion design scene here makes the inspiration as strong as it is since the beginning.

Oxford Road in London is filled with high street brands. However, visiting London not only means that you will be able to shop to your heart’s content. There are incredible venues where you can experience amazing art, architecture, food, and entertainment.

5 Milan, Italy

Besides being home to luxury fashion brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Gucci, Prada, and Valentino, Milan is known for its exceptionally well-dressed people.

Walk past a street, and there is no chance that you won’t spot any average person who dresses impeccably. You get style inspiration even before you hit a fashion store or a fashion event in Milan.

The clothing available in Milan’s fashion stores is made with premium quality fabrics, which makes it an ideal destination to shop for durable fashion.

6 Rome, Italy

Another city from Italy, flocked by tourists all year long, is widely known for the luxury shopping that you can do here. It is home to Italy’s largest fashion house, House of Biagiotti. Also, you can shop from brands like Bvlgari and Fendi if you love what they design.

After buying some marvelous clothing pieces from here, you can head to the Spanish Steps or the Aventine Hill to take some fantastic pictures of you flaunting the outfits. Rome offers several picturesque locations along with these.

7 Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a tourist paradise for many of its attractions, like its splendid nightlife and delectable local food. Apart from these, Berlin has incredible green spaces and swimming lakes, making it a treat to the sore eyes.

One more thing that attracts the edgy fashion crowd to Berlin is the Berlin Fashion Week. It is a big event that boasts the fashion scene in Berlin and its art and music.

For clothes shopping, you can visit the weekly clothing market held at Hackescher Markt’s. Also, Munzstrasse and Rosenthaler have some amazing boutiques that sell a broad range of local fashion.

8 Tokyo, Japan

West is not alone responsible for coloring the fashion sky. Tokyo in Japan is one of the East’s cities that will quench your thirst for fashion quite efficiently. Street style in Tokyo is worth taking inspiration from, as it has elements from goth, Lolita, punk, and ultra-feminine. It is continuously evolving with each passing year.

Don’t miss out on buying some unique essentials from Tokyo’s standout labels such as Issei Miyake, Yoji Yamamoto, and Rei Kawakubo.

Parting Thoughts

Traveling to fashion hubs is no less than a highly satisfying experience for those who crave for classy clothing and accessories.

Besides having a variety of delicious cuisine to diversify your palette and getting recreational experiences, you can shop till you drop for yourself and your loved ones. Share your experiences of traveling to a place where your inner fashionista got a thrilling experience.







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