Have you ever wondered why some people get sick easily while others can survive the worst of flu and fever?

The answer is no secret! Our health condition and immune system is directly proportional to our everyday habits and lifestyle. We try to balance and juggle various parts of life together, such as relationships, responsibilities, and professional life, and while we do so, we often tend to ignore how important it is to take care of our health.

A healthy existence does not mean that you have to be on your toes all the time, be a marathon runner, or starve yourself. It just involves consciously developing and adopting habits in everyday life to stay active and healthy.

It is never too late to start! Follow these habits that most healthy people have in common to enjoy a happy life and stay in shape.


Breakfast is the maintreat of the day. It kick-starts your day and gives you the energy you need to get going. It also fuels your metabolism and helps you to avoid overeating later during the day.

Studies show that adults who eat healthy and wholesome breakfasts perform better at work, and the kids who eat breakfast before going to school score high on their tests. If you think that you cannot eat a big plate for breakfast then you may as well keep it light. You can eat granola or overnight oats with fruits to keep it simple yet healthy.


Water is essential for our body to keep working at optimum levels. Staying hydrated not only keeps you away from a lot of diseases, it keeps you full, thus helping you lose weight.

Instead of opting for sugary drinks, you can increase your water intake. Water replaces high calorie drinks and helps to restore moisture and elasticity in the skin. Increasing water intake will help you burn more calories without even exercising and will keep your body functioning properly.

Healthy people drink a lot of water every day to not only help the normal functioning of their body but also to stay in high spirits and focused throughout the day.


Heading to yoga or dance class or joining a CrossFit or Pilates session with your friend can be the best habit you can adapt to stay super healthy and fit. Working out gets your blood pumping and raises your energy levels, making you feel and look great as you sweat out.

However, you do not necessarily have to hit the gym. Just grab your most comfy clothes with your favorite relaxing boxer briefs and get moving. You can gather a few of your pals and go hiking, or just enjoy a cycling trip around the city with your group.

You can even squeeze in some workout moves on a very busy day at home. Do sit-ups and squats as you move around in the house for grocery or just engage in push-ups as you wait for your meal to slow cook. Whatever you do, keep it regular and consistent.

The habit of working out regularly can only be developed if you stay committed to it. Think of your workout session as business meetings and set reminders on your phone so you do not miss the class. This way, you are more likely to inculcate the habit of moving your body every day.


To plan your meals, you need to know what you are aiming for! You must first decide if you want to cut back on sugar, maintain calorie count, or add more vitamins and proteins to your diet. Once you are clear on your fitness goals, then you can sit down and plan your meals ahead of time.

Planning your meal for the week saves time and money. Meal preps keep your eating habits in check and ensure you are taking a well-balanced and nutritious diet, by addressing all food groups. Sit down and create a meal menu for the entire week and shop for groceries accordingly.

Healthy and happy people incorporate fruits and vegetables at least once, every day. Colorful vegetables and fruits are full of vitamins and minerals that are helpful for your body in a number of ways. If you want to stay healthy and feel great, incorporate vegetables into your meals.


Whether it is your television, laptop, or simply your phone, you must keep your screen time limited. Social media and emails are an entertaining part of your daily life but checking the hourly updates that your friends and family post on different social media apps not only distracts you but diverts your mind from more important tasks.

You must keep time to log off and go offline. Rather than taking a sneak peek at your Instagram stories now and then during break hours, you can go for a walk, read a few pages, take a nap or just plan for the time ahead.

Healthy people use technology in moderation. Cut back on your screen time and allow yourself a breath of fresh air.


Sleeping is critical for your health, just like food and water. You may find a lot of tips from sleep experts online to help you sleep better at night. A good night’s sleep has many advantages to offer. You wake up happy and fresh. It helps to improve your concentration span, sharpens your memory, and helps you learn new things easily.

Sleeping well during the night lowers the risk of developing heart diseases and other serious illnesses. You should target to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. While doing so, you must stay away from your phone and tablets to avoid any disturbance during your peaceful sleep.


A healthy mind can yield a healthy body. Being mindful means to meditate, and through mindful practices you can be more joyful and live a meaningful life.

Healthy people practice mindful living exercises because it helps them relieve stress and improves their mood. According to a Forbes study, engaging in eight weeks of regular meditation can help develop parts of your brain that deal with emotions and memory.


Getting into the habit of self-care practice will help to keep your mind, body, and soul aligned. We all have a lot on our plate daily. In busy lives, taking out time for our own self can be a struggle sometimes. However, it should be a priority!

Take the time to care for your body and soul. Invest time and money in yourself and your hobbies. Try to learn new skills and look good. Pamper yourself and put your needs first. Only then can you be truly happy and healthy.

Parting words

When your life revolves around achieving super healthy goals, you adopt and follow healthy habits to attain them. So, go out of your way and do everything that gets you into the league of healthy people. Your health is your actual wealth. Compromising on it is a no-option for you. Define your goals and make sure to achieve them no matter what!

Remember: healthy is Happy!

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