7 Ways To Get Instant Affiliate Income


More and more people are turning to the internet in search of answers for how they can make money online real quickly. And they go on, depending on the information they get online, and on the goals they set for themselves plus a predetermined plan, to work based on what they manage to learn from their searches.

For the great majority, this turns out into a hard, difficult experience simply because of the overwhelming amount of information they need to filter through to get to know what they can learn from and apply.

Some may stumble upon a decent marketer out there that offers a great course on affiliate income, for instance. If these people actually stop looking and searching and concentrate solely on finishing that course of action, their chances of success greatly increase.

However, this is not such an easy thing to do for many, because of the sheer amount of information and the reluctance to stop procrastinating and decide to take any kind of action. What many don’t realize is that by simply starting to implement the steps given by the course they just purchased, they can start to see some results.


And to follow that, there is this continuous pattern of stopping or not completing the tasks they started so the results never come and correcting mechanisms can not be implemented either. Result? No progress, no success and back to searching for more information.

Instead of all that, I would like to point out a few strategies for earning money with affiliate marketing, to give you a basic action plan that you can follow to achieve instant commissions from your efforts online.

Affiliate Marketing

But first, we need to know what this “affiliate marketing” term is and why it can give us instant affiliate income. Affiliate marketing is what happens when the products of a vendor, are promoted by any person who is allowed into an affiliate program run by the vendor or by an Affiliate Network.

Both the vendors’ site and the Affiliate Networks websites provide a series of tools that the affiliate can use to efficiently promote the products, programs and actions that the prospects buy or perform, for the affiliate to get commission payments.


And also you would like to know the preparation needed before starting to promote people, products and actions that will transform themselves into earnings for you.

First. Decide which niche or niches you would like to be promoting products from. You could start with things that you are good at or that you like a lot or that you know belong to a niche where there is a lot of money in. People are buying, spending plenty of money in buying products so you know it is a profitable niche to be in.

Second. Study or research the best products you would like to promote. Join the affiliate programs of those products’ vendors and when you get approved, set up with using their tools to make the best promotions possible.

Third. If it is within your means, you may like to know that it would be a great idea to set up a site, with a related domain to the product you are promoting and install WordPress so that you can have squeeze pages set up as well on your site to start a mailing list to escalate you earnings online.

Fourth. By taking this route, do not even consider any other hosting company other than Hostgator. Why? Because their customer support is second to none, not only for support but also for learning from a huge array of videos explaining everything you need to know about website creation, email marketing, site functionality and statistics about all sorts of metrics.

Fifth. You are going to need an autoresponder and again, let me point you to the best out there: aweber.com, well if not the best, is definitely one of the best. Skimping both on hosting and on email marketing is not an option if you don’t want to suffer, in the long run.

Sixth. Choose to promote into Affiliate Network sites that pay instant affiliate commissions like JVZoo, Digiresults, Warrior Forum, Warrior+ etc. (look for more on Google if these are not sufficient for you).

Seventh. You are going to be paid or compensated in different ways like PPC (pay-per-click),  pay-per-sale (PPS), or PPL (pay-per-lead). What these all mean is this: with PPC, you get paid when a prospect directs traffic to the vendor’s or the merchant’s site –the click’s value being set by the advertising network you use and the level of demand-.

PPS and PPL result in getting paid when the prospect buys or performs an action agreed with the vendor’s program.


So here are 7 ways to get instant affiliate income:

  1. Before having a site from which to accelerate promotions, all you need do is to write an article or a review about the product you want to promote and post it to the best article directories, showing a link to the vendor’s site or sales page, that you first got when you signed up for their affiliate program.
  2. Or, if you can make videos, you can post a video with a link to the product’s sales letter or the vendor’s site. This link will have your ID (affiliate unique nickname or number-code, agreed with the vendor).
  3. Deciding to build a site to accelerate promotions, is what you must choose really if you want to make many more sales. Although, remember this is affiliate marketing, you do not, in fact, be concerned with sales. You only must concentrate in helping the prospects to make an informed decision and click the link that takes them to the vendor’s site where the vendor will do the selling for you. The sales letter will make them buy the product and you will get a commission because the customer went there through your affiliate link.
  4. Remember that with this set up now, you are getting, in addition, the prospects’ name and email address since they, before going to the Affiliate networks’ site, pass through your opt-in page, leaving their name and email address when you entice them with a nice PDF, report, demonstration video, etc. all free to make them depart with their details.
  5. You then want to take advantage of the tools given to you by the affiliate program, and copy and expand on their follow up sequence of emails already written for you. Simply go to Aweber and they will help you with the set up of these copy and paste emails that will go automatically at set intervals to your new subscribers. This is very convenient for you and a great way of helping your subscribers to eventually buy more times from you.
  6. Also, amongst the tools the affiliate program offers, things like banners, mp3s, clickable images, videos etc. choose some or all of these to advertise on your site, to diversify your means of earning income. You will get more revenue this way and it is easy because they (the vendor or Affiliate network) made this entire thing for you to use.
  7. I stop here, but really there are many more ways you can improve on to make many more sales. Using bonus, for instance, is a great way to increase revenue online. Pile up a set of bonus that is complementary to the product you are promoting and watch your earnings raise… There are other things like webinars, video promotion, article marketing outsourcing, mp3, pop-casts, radio advertising, TV advertising and magazine advertising as well as newspaper advertising, off-line poster advertising, fliers, local niche Chambers of Commerce meetings etc. This list can be made very large indeed because I did not mentioned JV partners, blog commenting, solo ads and so on.

All this information can be either overwhelming at first or easily carried out when it is explained well by great marketers out there, and acted upon by you, when you decide to follow a particular well designed path of action steps. What will delay your success or even prevent it altogether is not choosing someone to follow closely and take action until you see your instant affiliate income set up and running automatically.

When that happens, you can, change, correct, improve, tweak, test and escalate your instant affiliate income to give you the revenue you desire and ultimately kick your day job goodbye to become an affiliate success.

To your success,

German Calvo

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