The Ultimate Travel Guide for 2021!

The Ultimate Travel Guide for 2021

The Ultimate Travel Guide for 2021

Traveling as exciting as it may seem can be equally frustrating especially if you are getting on the road on your own for the very first time. Whether you are planning a short trip to another city, a tour abroad or just a camping weekend into the woods; smooth traveling requires organized planning.

However, we totally get the mixed feelings of joy, fear, frustration and excitement that come with any trip. Some people want to keep it simple while others want luxury. The luxury loving group even plan a trip or a visit to Paradise, NV book limo pickup services. While the simplicity lovers wouldn’t mind walking in their trainers to visit here and there!

Regardless of the type of traveler you are, we have compiled this comprehensive travel guide in order to help you plan an organized smooth trip especially for the newbies.

1.     Get your passport in order

The most important piece of document that you will ever own among all your belongings is your “passport”. It’s worth multiples by a gazillion when you leave your country. It becomes more precious than money, your phone and your entire luggage. If you end up misplacing it while you are in another country then oh boy, you may have to spend days in a consulate before you can reach home.

Prior to traveling, see that your passport is valid. In case its expiry is due, get a new one made immediately by visiting your passport office. Also, purchase a separate waist bag which you can wear all the time and carry your passport in. That way, you will never lose it!

2.     Get your travel visas in order

You may require a visa to visit most of the countries which is a permission that you require to enter and exit the place. Even if you are going for a weekend trip to another country apply and get the correct visa otherwise, they will not even let you board the plane. Make sure while planning your trip budget, you keep visa costs aside.

3.     Get your traveling insurance

Let’s be honest. Getting your travel insurance is no fun however it is that one thing which may end up saving your life. You must get it and read all the circumstances that the insurance would cover for you. It should cover all your visits and activities.

4.     Learn the basic native language

You do not need to learn the complex poetry and literature of the place you are visiting. However, learning the basics of the native language of the country you plan to visit will indeed be fruitful. It is not the job of the host country to know your language. Since you are the visitor you must know their basics of communication.

5.     Always check the weather updates of the country you plan to visit

When it comes to packing, there is a huge debate among couples and family members on what should go into that big suitcase. To make your life easier, we will give you three essential tips:

  • Pack smart and less
  • Always keep extra underwear
  • Pack according to comfort not luxury

The mindset that you need to take your entire wardrobe with you needs to go out of the window. You will not wear more than a single pair of shoes. You just need one formal outfit. More than the outfits you need underwear and socks. Following tips would come in handy while packing:

  • Check the weight limit allowed to you by your airline: Airlines assign strict weight limits on how much you can carry and you must check that before you pack. If you have to take many flights of different airlines, then check the allowed luggage weights for all of them.
  • Pack an extra outfit in your partner’s bag: Even if you misplace your luggage or its delayed at least you will have something to wear.
  • Keep zip lock bags: Place your dirty clothes in zip lock bags. You will not have time to do your laundry on your trip.

Other useful stuff you must pack is a tape, glue, rechargeable lamp.

6.     Read on the basics of the culture of the place you plan to visit

If you are traveling on your own for the very first time then remember that patience would be your friend. Your atmosphere, environment and people around you would totally be different from what you are used to. You will indeed be taken out of your comfort zone. However, there is a reason for which you have selected a destination for your trip and this calls for some homework.

Firstly, never let the fear of things that “may” happen stop you from all the exciting experiences that you “can” have.  If you belong to a western country then you may be in the habit of using your tap water for drinking however, in third world countries tap water is not safe for drinking. A simple research before you travel to any such country can save you from an upset stomach or even worse food poisoning.

We are not making assumptions in the air, people have had such terrible experiences in the past. However, you can avoid such experiences simply by packing the set of right medication and learning a bit about the availability of resources and culture of the place you plan to go to.

Now let’s talk about the respective laws of the place you visit. Even if these laws seem unnecessary and illogical to you, you have to abide by them. If alcohol is forbidden in a country, you must not ask for it at restaurants etc. If a country requires you to dress a certain way you have to follow it.  What we are trying to tell you is that never expect any local person to treat you like a royal.

Essentials that you need to pack

Now that you have booked your trip, gotten your tickets and are about to depart for your flight abroad. You need to start thinking about the essentials your bag must have. It is wise to make a checklist of all the items that you need to keep so that you don’t skip or forget any. Below we have listed down certain essentials that you can include in your checklist apart from packing as well.

Essentials you must take care of before departure

The following are some of the essentials you should keep ready to go at least 6 weeks before your flight which mostly involve documentation and health certificates.

  • Get your required visas stamped on your passport
  • Fulfill all the medical related requirements such as getting vaccinations
  • Purchase a proper plan of travel insurance
  • Get a colored scan of your passport and email the copy to yourself
  • Check the validity of your passport which should be of at least 6 months before you come back
  • Go have a detailed medical check up and get your prescriptions refilled if necessary
  • If you need to visit the bank and get your credit card status updated, get it done
  • Think about getting your trip registered with the government for security reasons

Essentials to pack in your hand carry

Following are some of the items that you must keep in your carry luggage such as your backpack or handbag etc.

  • Your passport
  • Wallet or cash carrier
  • Cell phone’s charger and hands free
  • Entertainment magazines or your favorite book
  • A printed copy of your ticket and boarding pass
  • Extra underwear
  • Small makeup items
  • Traveling size kit containing a toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Chewing gum
  • Disposable water bottle
  • Hair comb or brush
  • Neck pillow and eye mask

Essentials to pack in your luggage which will be booked or checked

These are all the items that you will pack in your main luggage bag which would contain all the essentials you would require for your days on the trip. The exact clothing items would depend on the climate, season and place you are traveling to however, some of the general things we have listed down below:

  • A good number of under wear and under garments
  • Sports bra
  • Both half sleeve and full sleeve shirts,
  • Tank tops of basic colors
  • Two pair of jeans
  • A few sweaters
  • Single formal dress
  • One sleeping suit or two pair of pajamas
  • Sneakers or Joggers
  • Slippers
  • A scarf especially if you have to visit holy places
  • Cap or a hat
  • A good number of socks
  • Swimming suit and towel
  • Zip lock bags to store your dirty clothes
  • A simple first aid box with band aids and soothing gels

List of packing essentials for your toiletry bag

This is one of the most important bags you will pack, your toiletry bag. Even if you are planning to stay in five star hotels in the place you are visiting it is always smart to carry your own set of toiletries according to your personal needs.

  • Bobby pins, hair comb and pony bands
  • Body spray or a deodorant
  • Toothbrush and a small toothpaste
  • Your personal shampoo and conditioner
  • Dry shampoo
  • Sunscreen
  • Sanitary napkins if needed
  • Soap
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Medication along with your prescription
  • Cosmetic items, contact lens solution etc

We wish you safe, happy and adventurous traveling.

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